Once these are installed, open your vi. How can I do this? Here is a link for the driver: This could become a lengthy explanation Thank for your help. You’re not using the driver for the instrument. Message 6 of

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Look for the appropriate SCPI-commands in your manual. Hope that is of any help for you.

You can now ask the instrument for the currently measured data i. With the above named VI you first send kind of an initialization to the instrument: I have the HPA Init.

Message 8 of See attached picture for additional functions: I don’t understand the attachment. The number of bytes written is not the same as the number of bytes you want to read. Let’s see if I can get you on your way with the following: First I might suggest to write in german as that might be easier for you?


Unfortunately, I did not see any examples or “getting started” vi’s for this one. Right after that you read the answer from your instrument with the 3440a Most Active Software Boards: Install the driver and follow the steps in my original answer.

A GPIB VISA TIME OUT ERRORS | Keysight Community

I also sometimes ignore existing drivers and create my own. And are you sure of the syntax for the measure command? I never had problems with this till now. The driver only uses the Fetch and Read commands so I can’t confirm that the Measure command is correct. Once these are installed, open your vi.

I followed your conversation with Joe Message 6 of Message 4 of Message 7 of 34401x Message 5 of I really cannot find getting started.

Go to the block diagram.

They are embedded inside the instrument driver selections. You surely know the GPIB-adress of your instrument and the number of your bus while it can sometimes be difficult to get a correct reference.


Message 9 of You’re not using the driver for the instrument. Here is a link for the driver: Of course you can add some kind of control of the communication if you want.

You can find all necessary SCPI-commands there and you can just send them to the instrument by using the above mentioned VI. Message 3 of Thank you Very much.