Please carefully check the power limit of their own EIRP Equivalent isotropically radiated power , make sure you take the antenna gain into consideration 3DR radio module is a DIY radio module components, it’s your responsibility to make sure that using it is in line with the local regulations. Use the included cable and plug it into the telemetry port on APM 2. If you open the ECC strongly recommended , the transfer rate will be cut in half, but it is worth it, error rate will drop sharply, a more reliable connection can be received within a farther range. Telemetry Radio Regional Regulations. If you select a rate not supported, the program will choose the next highest rate supported. Take the MSI version installation for example Note: The following general data can help you understand.

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This program synchronization with other radio module just needs a few seconds to transfer when it’s at a higher data transmission rate, but if using a low transmission, the rate is slower. If the ECC is set to 0, there will be no correcting information for mistakes; this radio module uses a simple 16 Bit CRC to detect transmission errors.

3DR Radio Telemetry – Geeetech Wiki

Two radio need to compute mutually the frequency hopping pattern. See the advanced setup page for detailed information on diagnosing range issues using telemetry logs.

The following general data can help you understand. The disadvantage of ECC option is that it will halve the available bandwidth, but it’s worth it in the most situations, you can maintain the reliable links within a farther range. As the platform is open source, implementation can be purchased from many different sources, including ArduPilot Partners:. Navigation Main page product Experiment Tutorials. The latest version of APM Mission Planner can set 3DR Radio Module on the simple graphical user interface, choose 3DR Set serial port which has been connected to ground station from the Mission Planner top right cornerand please choose the baud rate The radio module packet also contains the information of the error rate and serial transmission buffer being enough or not percentage.


In addition, you can use this formula to calculate DBm’s received signal strength: A SiK Telemetry Radio is one of the easiest ways to setup a telemetry connection between your Flight Controller and a ground station. That means if packets are lost, your receiving end can’t receive half of the MAVLink packet, which will display a linear noise in ground station control panel.

As this radio is no longer available from 3DR, the page has been renamed to reflect the underlying open source radio platform. This article only covers the main difference us the two radios — connecting the radios. The implementation of LBT in 3DR radio module due to using the lowest 5ms receiving time and the random receiving time is the same as the European 9. The radio uses open source firmware which has been specially designed to work well with MAVLink packets and to be integrated with the Mission Planner, Telemeetry, Rover and Plane.

The radio module can’t support arbitrary power level. One case where you might do so is when you use your vehicle with others — in telemety case you will need to specify different radio channels Net ID.


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3dr Radio Wireless Telemetry Kit 915mhz Module USB for Apm2.6 Apm2.8 Pixhawk Px4

Ksb ground based radio was attached to a 3. This article provides a basic user guide for how to connect and configure your radio. The other factor to select the data transfer rate is TDM “synchronization time”. The radios have 2 status LEDs, one red and one green. The principle is to change receive helemetry slowly while rapidly change the transmission channel.

This article explains how to connect the 3DR Radio v1 to your flight controller.

Use the included cable and plug it into the telemetry port on APM 2. Note Telemetty cannot connect via the radios when your APM 2. Many users will not need to configure their radios! Connecting to APM 2.

The latest version of the APM firmware can use this information to automatically match telemetry streaming rate to data rate maintained by the radio module. Retrieved from ” http: The meaning of the different LED states is:. The radio module firmware supports MAVLink 0. Typical range achieved with the radios using standard configuration and antenna is around m, but ush range varies a lot depending on noise sources and antenna setup.