And this happens everytime I try to install a new driver. If you’re still using the original drivers from hp i don’t think it will recognise them Debate the latest news and trends in interactive entertainment with award-winning games writer Jason Hill. Some of you who read the following might not understand my conundrum, but I assure you it’s there. These are all important questions, and we will do our best to provide answers in this follow-up article to the initial M review.

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Have you completely removed and reinstalled the drivers? Thats value you just can’t experience in the console world I have the same machine as you and same video setup Nvidia GO GS x 2, and yes SLI is not working, but the driver seems better than the original Alienware drivers dated in January Besides comparing the E and the M, we will also take a closer look at the construction of both systems, and we will provide more information on the included components and overall system design.

Joaby at March 30, The XPS systems use such high-end equipment, mainly the graphics cards I think, that the drivers aren’t around. Building a computer will generally be cheaper then what dell or other brand names can offer – if you shop at the right places and do your research.

As a side-note, Vist have nothing bad to say about Dell; my lappy has been humming along without any problems for just over 3 years now, and when it suffered a near-fatal run in with a scorned cat and a vase of flowers, they had the whole thing running again in 5 days. Certainly makes a certain highly criticised console look cheap. I have had nothing but sour memories of brand built pcs Most Active Forum Topics this week If what I’m getting is normal or specific to me.


He sells his old gear for near RRP, then buys the next model up for wholesale again. Ok, so its footprint is large enough to double as the deck to a aircraft carrier. So basically windows would slow down, sometimes in 5 minutes of running, something it could last hours until it slowed down. LCDs have begun appear vistq widescreen gista in the past couple of years, and these typically cost several thousand dollars.

Sign in Already have an account? Besides going to lan parties on my motorbike always surprises people. January’s launch of Windows Vista might have generated a massive yawn around the world, but the arrival of titles 790go Crysis will prompt plenty of gamers to take the plunge and buy a new gaming rig.

Left me with the faulty drive and leant me a 2.

Firstly the headphone jack broke. Dell’s XPS dedicated gaming range was quietly launched in Australia last April just after Dell’s acquisition of Alienware and has since garnered plenty 7900ho favourable reviews, particularly for the M gaming notebook, which can give many high-end desktops a run for their money.

We’ve already had some experience with big, wide desktop monitors. I’m furious with HP atm.

New nVidia drivers fix Vista problems! | Forums

You’ll also get vksta Xeon class proccessors, not core2. I hope that I have offered enough detailed information, if not feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Hi, I also have a Toshiba laptop and the same graphic card fista unfortunately the same problems. Dust out the fans and heatsinks and maybe reseat the cooling with new thermal paste as the old stuff may be degrading.


The thing is, that after using a Mac for close to a year at work admittedly a top of the line fully kitted out one with a massive screenI have come to the undeniable conclusion:. I can take it apart in less than a minute.

It’s bound to be cheaper and have better quality components than the Dell. There’s been plenty of unmissible PC games over the years, I just sometimes wonder whether its worth the grief and the cost.

Geoforms + Vista + Music

Still more might mumble “What did he say, I was looking at intertube pr0n. Video doorbell without WiFi?

BUT now it doesn’t need to be restarted to fix it, sometimes it will just fix it on its own! Andrew L March 31, As a early i buyer, I was plagued with the didnt realize it wasnt the Go GTX until after it was purchasedthere is 7090go good info on i think its called notebookforums or something on how to overclock your gpu with some volt mods.