Cueball is excited about this, until White Hat reveals that he was lying and that Bluetooth is still as hard to use as ever. This is probably the reason that the ceramic Bluetooth speaker mentioned in the explanation text is named “Josiah”. For this to work, the two devices need to be paired, which means they need to know the unique identification number of the other device and have been given permission to communicate with it, as well as knowing what kind of data exchanges are both possible and allowed. Nothing is elegant on Android. Sign up using Facebook.

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Albeit, in that time those signals were most commonly acoustic rather than visual. The debate continues as other companies have followed suit in removing headphone jacks.

Also, controlling a “smart TV” by Bluetooth doesn’t work anymore for some reason, unless I install a specific app for each TV brand; Infrared still works fine. It sounds like stretching a LOT. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

quip: Beautifully Simple Bluetooth Speaker

But at least they work on all devices with Bluetooth! Not only one word about Raspberry Pi.

Unless I have used the headphones for a different device previously, then I need to manually initiate the connection on my phone. For one, it worked completely flawlessly. Get gadgety goodness emailed direct. How can we do this? On the other hand, my very good headphones, which have the wireless connection on the right ear, still lose connection to my laptop if I turn my head to the right Apps need to support Chromecast otherwise the music controller app itself needs to hook with multitude of services.


The audio is the information in those applications, not that audio transfer was part of the original intent of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is actually named for the tenth-century Viking king Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, but the protocol developed by Harald was a wireless charging standard unrelated to the modern Bluetooth except by name.

Discussion Wireless charging standard may be a pun on the word “charging.

Yes, sorry I didn’t mention his pottery style in the original comment. But in Android there isn’t anything. This car comes with Bluetooth compatibility.

Track quip: Beautifully Simple Bluetooth Speaker’s Kickstarter campaign on BackerTracker

Pairing is not always a smooth process, especially given the somewhat limited methods some of these devices have for user interaction. It pairs using accelerometer timing and sound. But then every once in a while it would stop working, he’d ask me as his tech friend to try to get it working, and I couldn’t My headphones use NFC to connect to my phone, I just have to hold the two devices together and they connect!


Cueball then invokes the name of bluetpoth Bluetooth”, a fictitious person implied to have invented the eponymous Bluetooth. Email Required, but never shown. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat In this case, the standard could be a pun as a standard also denotes a royal or military flag.

Bluetooth – explain xkcd

Wireless charging standard may be a pun on the word “charging. Since Airplay is sytem wide.

My friend’s car qjip Bluetooth, and when it worked it worked great. If you want to get behind another British audio company and see Quip get off the ground, you can make a pledge anytime over the next 20 days.

Brush better

One of the styles that Josiah Wedgwood is famous for is a blue and white design. Except on my old laptop and my desktop PC with bluetooth donglethere it qip has a horrible audio quality or completely freezes the system.

The ‘Josiah’ referenced in the comic is probably a reference to Wedgwood. I tried to share link over bluetooth to three people.