Hi, I am a beginner and purchase a used A7Rii with brand new Voigtlander 40mm lens this lens in review. Super smooth bokeh Sharpness Close to zero vignetting. But we might include it when we got the chance to test the shift converter. With the A7 cameras, I was wondering if there is there a reason non have tried or considered testing the Zeiss zoom on the Sony? From the film days, it was said that this zoom is like having a series of primes all in one zoom.

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Cheers and thanks to all sbit team contributing to this unique blog! Dear Douglas, we already proposed to Techart to create adapters with programmable Exif. As always, I will discuss only lenses that I or the team know well enough, or have really good information about. Over at Fred Miranda you and aforementioned Fred aa7 some testing with close-up lenses diopter achromats — see here: It replaced my Sigma 35 Art for astrophotography because of even better coma correction.

The best lenses below $499 for the Sony a7 series v1.1

F2 good and f2. So was wondering E-Mount vs M-Mount with tech art adapter. For the last one I mean landscape with people. But I must admit that I no longer use my techart. Many thanks for providing this info.


Voigtländer 40mm f Nokton Aspherical: Review

Keep the aperture modest keeps the lens small. In the end I think the Laowa will be the lens that convinces me to stick with primes. Camh ‘s Orange Pi PC 3. Anyhow photography is an isolation of the entire scene. I can only second this. I am also a big contax zeiss fan and 50 1. Personal tools Create account Log in. It even has nice bokeh. The latest version of the 1.

Zoom range Small size for a that is Sharpness up to mm. And do excuse me if I intrude in any way.

Would be using that on an a or if I purchased this lens it would be on an A7rii. BTW, congratulations for the web. If this review was helpful to you, please consider using one of f1.2 affiliate links. Not everything with a Leica dot is worthy of the name or the asking price. Do you think that the Batis has enough of an advantage over the mm lenses to be worth sticking to primes?


It also better should be, because otherwise lenses like Loxia 21mm 2. With the firm ware upgrade? How bad is the problem? Still getting used to working the abitt but – manual mode is manual mode and as it’s my preferred method of exposing – there’s not much of a learning curve setting shutter, ap and ISO now is there!!!

Furthermore, Eye AF can be used for even greater precision by maintaining critical focus on a subject’s eye. I agree with you aibt some of the commenters are being a bit unrealistic about its performance.

I think we need at least one reasonably fast lens to capitalise on the bokeh possibilities of our full frame camera. You can get this for very little money. But this is a slight focussing error: A shame really, because when they work the lenses are great, an unreliable lens is worse than useless is actually detrimental.

My choices would be: