Gear in this article: IMHO this is probably the most amazing and at the same time the most overlooked AKG headphone in their history, mostly due to lack of bass in LP version. Last time I can get some real bass out of it was with the Grace m Home About Who are we? This is protected by a moulded plastic structure which is largely open to allow the sound to pass freely.

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It sounds quite similar to the K but the treble is somewhat more refined sounding. I do not use smoothing because some info about sound quality is lost when plots are smoothed.

AKG K500 Headphone Reviews

The bigger the deviation the stronger the effect. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Comparing the sound in the qkg directly with the same material played over a pair of ATC SCM10 monitors, the tonal balance was not seriously dissimilar, though I felt the headphones were just slightly flattering to the top end of the spectrum. Reply December 21, amigastar. Click here to see dragan85’s full review I have no idea, but the K are harder to drive than the K 75 ohmsas well as the HD and the HD, and the K are not so far behind it in terms of amplifier requirements.

AKG K | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Reply March 13, indikator. Few things keep me sane: Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. After all, it would reduce the amount of environmental noise considerably and would completely eliminate the need for acoustically treated control rooms — it sounds like the ideal solution! The Wonderful World Disclaimer: The picture below shows k00 a K padded K looks like.


As can be seen resonances are still there and do k050 appear to have changed that much except shifted in frequency the ones above 6kHz. AKG’s K is an open headphone, and fits over the ear rather than resting on it. The Ak was the more expensive bigger brother of the K with more luxurious looks and headband as well as a different colour scheme.

These two cans may be one of the most pleasant, natural sounding headphone AKG has ever produced. I’m hoping the Naim pieces will arrive in the next couple of weeks.

AKG K Reviews :: Headphone Reviews

The frequency plots indeed resemble each other quite closely and with both headphones having similar pads the sound very similar ag well. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

With old, flat l500 porous pads the K is only a shadow of its true self. AKG plan to remove the surcharge when the exchange rate improves. Build quality is very nice, standard for top of the range AKGs. The pads are cloth instead of pleather or velour and very comfortable for longer listening sessions.

Did your three Ks have different drivers or different baffle arrangements as with K? Last time I can get some real bass out of it was with the Grace m This is not a problem when monitoring while mixing, but it can be troublesome k5000 a performer is using such headphones to listen to a backing track or click track, as some of the spill from the headphones may leak back into the performer’s microphone.


The amplifier requirement for the is not easy, and perhaps that’s one of the reason AKG discontinued it. According to AKG, the diaphragm shape was designed with a special surround which is purported to minimise the breakup modes which occur when different sections of the diaphragm vibrate in different ways, rather than the structure acting as a true piston. They cover the entire audio spectrum very smoothly, and their ability to resolve low-frequency detail is admirable.

Sounds good with Jazz and classical. Hi Mike, first af all thanks for your very nice review. Have you ever wondered why people don’t just mix all their music on headphones? The Shure also offers more inner detail, but less of a sense of spaciousness than the K