I have the GPS 60Cx at home and want to try to sync my time with it. If you want it emailed let me know. I turn the timy on and Voila the GPS screen. I selected TEXT and was allowed to select a baud rate of You must be signed in to continue. In a previous upgrade of the firmware a timy can now Sync with a GPS.

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You can always check the accuracy of the sync by leaving the connections in place and giving all devices a common impulse from a button push or other and checking the time stamps.

Recent updates to firmware ensure that a fast and accurate sync will occur every time. I have the GPS 60Cx at home and want to try to sync my time with it. DB25 to DB9 adapter with power supply. Like Reply 1 Like.

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Unplug, press OK and go about your business. I’d love to have all the capabilities of the timy available to me since I do so little timing and so much playing. The sensor must output a PPS pulse per second signal on a dedicated line along with the standard data stream to accomplish a sync. Manage Follow Preferences Loading Block When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall.

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agle I usually have to plug the gps in to power a few minutes ahead for it to aquire satelites on the first day. This is not difficult as the TIMY pin assignment is available from Timy manual and the Wire color code comes from the Garmin data sheet. In a previous upgrade of the firmware a timy can now Sync with a GPS.


I keep promising that I will edit the translations from Austrian tiym English. I have found that my Garmin GPS can be configuered for different ouput streams. Naturally there will be some drift between the clocks the longer that you tomy until this test is performed. You need a GPS that has a sync line output and from my limited research I have not found any consumer gps that has this feature.

Now the settings are stored in the gps-device we use the device from Garmin: GPS SYnc and another firmware upgrade. Sign In or Register. Maybe is the pin assignment from Pepik correct.

GPS SYnc and another firmware upgrade. |

I have never had much luck at this. When a second TIMY was sync’ed after the first, I performed comparisons by jumping the two together and giving them a common impulse. If you are interested I have several units of the sensor shown above, in stock and ready to ship.

BTW do all the sync on batteries as the power supply on the timy can interfere with the recognition of the gps. These come pre-programed and are truly plug and play devices.


Instead of a pigtail with all of the excess connections hanging off of it I built a jumper cable that connects to the DB25 to a standard serial DB9. It looks like we will be using the sensor to start our clocks from now on. Thanks John for syncing timh.

GPS SYnc and another firmware upgrade. |

I built a few sensors up and was very pleased with configuration and operation. All should be the same. I am considering it to work with a Palm Tungsten C and if I can get it to timu with Tom Tom navigator or Mapsource I might consider this sensor and also apply it to the Timy sync. I have tried all other transmission selections from the GPS and could only select baud with a text rimy choice.

The correct date was also set by the GPS. Finally, you’ll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content.

I spoke with ALGE and depending on the sensor that you are using, the timy can feed it with adaquate power. I wanted to keep the sensor clean ttimy use in the field and use the jumper for laptop connection when programing or other GPS usage.