There are following variables on the Data-sent page: Remote roating – Communication via bridge. Read item index in the DataFile. The driver supports the following DataFile types. Specifies whether to communicate directly with the PLC or via bridge.

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Setting all counters and timers to 0. As of this writing, the following URL contains this document: It is not supported by devices of the SLC series. Therefore, only two devices can communicate with one df11. For common data transfers, it is easier to use the PmCommData object.

Read item index in the DataFile. There is only one such area in the PLC and is always numbered 1. The word value is brad,ey the following type: Any DF1 master implementation that uses the above blocks should also be able to read and write from the RMC There can be multiple areas of this type in the PLC and the first is always numbered 4.

The communication description qllen the PmCommMsg objects List and description of the communication messages: The maximum lenght limitation of a communication message is entered here. This type is currently not functional for PmCommData object. It is used for testing the communication.


Allen-Bradley DF1 – OPCTurkey

There can be multiple areas of this type in the PLC and the first is always numbered 6. Data writing by the logical address. If no response comes during this time, then the transfer of the message is terminated onEndOfTransfer event fires with error 24 or Similar to its counterpart, the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix protocol, the protocol is used almost exclusively for high-speed data monitoring in manufacturing operations — namely oil and gas industries.

It is possible to set: Number of data bits 8 Parity NO Number of stop bits 1. Allen-Bradley DF1 is typically used for higher-speed data monitoring where frequent data updates are required. When writing to the variable, only the single value is sent if the Auto send when writing to item configurator is checked.

Does your device use the Rockwell DF1 protocol?

If the converter does no modifications to the transmitted data, then it is a very easy way how to communicate via Ethernet with devices not equipped with Ethernet interface. Specifies the protocol data form.

When this link is out-of-date, try searching for the above publication number. It writes the string of exactly 10 chars into the Test string variable.


It can be a value from 0 to The match of the Test string qualifies the right result in sending bradlley receiving. There is only one such area in the PLC and is always numbered 0. The data is then sent back from the device and can be provided for operator control screens in an Human Machine Interface HMI environment.

Connect devices with a serial DF1 protocol to Fieldbus and Ethernet

DF1 is a major industrial serial protocol supported by a large number of devices, both those built by Allen-Bradley and other companies.

The Half-duplex mode is used for the special connection of more Slave device stations to one PC. Otherwise we recommend not to enter any “Sub-Element number” value, or enter 0.

Specifies the area to read from.

The variables in the PmCommData object or even better the variables in the PmData object with ExtComm data extension can be of arbitrary number, type and order.