I’m thinking about getting rid of one pair, and keeping one, “for a rainy day”, and need to decide whether it’s the ‘s, or the ‘s, that will hit the bricks I even used them crossed at 1st order with no problems in home use with Altec drivers but JBL s used on the crossed at hz 1st order “clacked”. However, I recently purchased a single horn for a center channel in a 7. It was all the rage — a decade or two ago. After mounting them and driving with Altec g’s, I couldn’t hear any ringing.

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Back when I used the cabinets, and horns, for home stereo, I hofn amazed at how “live” my music seemed! What are you looking for in a woofer? Thanks, very much, for any thoughts, or comments on the performance of these two horns.

I realize, now, that this, too, was probably an effort to dampen any ringing coming from the horns.

I wanted to hear from those that actually have used, or still use, those Altec horns, and I very much appreciate your comments! You can buy this foam at hooby stores. Hello, Friends, I posted this same basic note in another thread, but thought maybe I’d better make it a “stand-alone”, and so maybe get more comments on my questions. Do you already have an account?


My favorite drivers were atec and the Not familiar with Altec b.

Altec 811B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System

Very simple and took the ring right out of them. Unless you feel like hoarding 3 pairs of horns. Radian pb works with b.

Of course they are coated to begin with and don’t resonate. If I were to go to one pair I’d keep the s as they are more versatile and look cooler. A parallel cap, coil, and resistor in series with the driver will do.

FWIW, when I built my ‘s into sled deployment I was aware of folks describing a “ringing” with this aluminum horn. Clean the surface, heat it with a hair dryer, and stick it on. I just looked the stuff up and can’t find it but there are many companies selling the stuff.

Page 2 of 12 Prev Just like West said. It may be that the mounting to a sturdy sled and a felt gasket removed the suspected ringing but I have never experienced it.


I usually find all sorts of awesome speaker parts that I forget that I had. I use a sticky backed damping material sold at car audio install stores.

IMO for home use there’s no better sounding 1″ horns than the and My horns were treated with 1″ flexable foam rubber sheets. Much appreciated, and God Bless! Most folks pay special attention to the exit flanges of the horn. Sep 28, Likes Received: That’s very interesting stuff, and I appreciate your having sent it along to me.

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Altec Lansing Hb B Horn | eBay

Ok, ordered the compression drivers. The only thing that can never be taken away from you, is your honor. JBL not so much. Thanks, again, and God Bless! Sold in 1 lbs blocks. Share This Page Tweet.