The bus different board sources. Memory management designed to allow faster context switching between 16 simultaneous processes. Software’ available Optional bit single board and bit dual board. Bubbl-tec systems provide battery-free, non-volatile mass storage from 32 Kbytes to 8 Mbytes, with extremely fast access to every data block. Greensboro Intel Corp.

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The capacity has doubled, but the price remains the same.

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Now, imagine all that raw power in the company of an Intel board. And like all DSD products, our Multibus boards and systems are supported by our exclusive Rapid Module Exchange ” and regional service centers. So treat your Multibus system to an elegant but affordable new home — the Multichassis by Electronic Solutions.

Includes Z80 based system, printer, test modules. TM Indicates our claim to a trademark for a work or acronym and our intention to register it when the necessary criteria have been met. You get more room for ex- tra cards without increasing overall size, because our de- sign gives you greater inside dimensions.

Intersil Systems Logitech, Inc.


But that’s not all. Another evolut onary development of the Multibus standard is the continued development df support from all Multibus vendors. Software compatibility across the Interphase Family of SMD disk controllers means the maximum return on your software investment.

Basically, functional partitioning is a modular Once the modules have been defined, they design zd900 that anutech breaking an are implemented by optimizing each for its overall problem into manageable pieces specific requirement. Corrects single bit errors, deletes -rors.

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Don’t be left behind, make “the vital connection” by ordering yours today. And OEM’s are using it to tap rapidly expand- ing mass market application soft- ware. Matrix pixels Raster Graphics Inc.

The iSSB bus, then, allows reduced inter- connect costs and physical distribution of system modules. Another area of tremendous growth in the Multibus market is in the number of Multibus products made available to the industry by the growing Multibus vendor base.

Multimodule, 20mV to 5V full scale input ranges.

Each Bus Guide gives you all of the updated who, what, where and how much of a particular bus line. Astrosy stemsInc.

Boot strap overlay capability. Output channel ex P voltage Available in the Spring of Inputsmu to lOupp audio time code. The future for the Multibus market looks promising, with the major anitecb market indicators projecting continued growth. High-performance supermicro with commercial software, supports multi-user applications; compact package.


Multibus I became not only the industry standard, but it was designated the IEEE standard as well. You’ll also get-standard with the K2- features such as programmable baud munication between the CPU and all that off-board memory on the P2 connector. Three Technology Way P.

It’s come a long way in six years, and it will go a lot farther. Howard Salwen Sales Representatives: Byte parity is checked and generated for ad- dress, data and command xz900. Hardware assisted and selective scroll both H and V.

Optional floating point math. Intel Corporation assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuitry other than circuitry embodied in an Intel pro- duct.

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