This measured parameter indicates the extents of dissolved ions present in the herbal soap materials that when releases nourishes the skin on use. The monitoring of temperature and humidity manually has been characterized with inaccurate measurements due to human errors. The measurements were done every eight hours between 7am-8am, 3pm-4pm and 11pmam respectively for a period of one year The slow escape of a liquid or gas through a porous material or small openings is called seepage. It was observed that Fe, Mg and Ca reported in all the bottled water samples. It was concluded that the subsurface is incompetent for high-rise buildings since the lithology of the area showed that clayey zones, thick overburden and fractured bedrocks constitute two-third of the study area.

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Empirical research results have shown that innovation leads to new and improved products and services, higher productivity, lower prices and new advances in scientific knowledge. The monitoring of temperature and humidity manually has been characterized with inaccurate measurements due to human errors.

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume , – IOPscience

All local climate zones need to develop relevant climatic models such as cloud attenuation model which can serve as correlative resources to global satellites applications and a means wpti determining local link margins for satellite apit services in localities.

Abstract Over time, scientists have studied the potential of peptides as nutraceuticals by measuring their bio functionalities. There is need to have adequate information on the level of radiation that is available around us in order to take adequate measures for protection. R870 total of six traverses were established in the E-W direction and N-S direction in order to map the magnetic signatures in the study area.

It is left to us researcher to find out the most optimal way to collect and store energy in this form. The mean ELF obtained from interactive screen at 30 cm was 1.

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These were established by applying 2D Fast Fourier transform filters for reduction to equator RTElineament enhancement of vertical and total horizontal gradient, edge detection of analytic signal amplitude ASAand magnetic source depth parameter imaging SPI and average power spectrum W870 ; using Oasis Montaj software. The minimum approach temperature, composite curve, grand composite curve and the grid diagram representation are all series of steps employed in the a;ti to achieve minimal area targeting using the Aspen Hysys.


In civil engineering, areas that are extensively fractured either shallow or deep are adjudged as weak zones whereby these provinces are regarded as copious zones for groundwater exploration. Also, the square of the absolute value of the wavelet coefficient were plotted against the period in other to identify and map variations of pronounced and least energy atpi which can be regarded as magnetic source geometric features found from the HRAM data profiles.

The aim of this research was to experimentally estimate the hydrogeophysical parameters of an aquifer porosity, transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity and permeability which have been completed successfully. This work is a review of cloud attenuation modelling, using as a case study typical research work been carried out, to develop cloud attenuation model for tropical Ota 6.

This review work seeks for thermal storage materials and methods to promote harnessing the thermal component of renewable and abundant solar energy at Covenant University, Ogun state, in Nigeria. Abstract This aapti focused on planning materials supply for construction works. The adsorbents and kinetic study was evaluated using a cylindrical glass column.

C programming language was used and the libraries of each component were installed in the Arduino IDE.

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From the obtained results, it was inferentially observed that the radio signals was having inverse relationship with the air temperature, atmospheric pressure and the relative humidity; on the assumption that for any of the aforementioned meteorological variables, the others were observed constant. Castor and neem seed oils were first purified separately through the process of acid degumming, neutralization, bleaching, filtering, washing and drying.

The BE bottled water sample was found to contain the least concentration of Pb with a value of 0. Nine of the VES stations show fresh bedrock while the remaining twenty one showed fractured basement. Finally, it was observed that region of high resistivity was prone to higher level of radiation, which could be as a result of some radioactive geological features in the subsurface.


Then modelling analysis of the station spectrum analyser data collected at computed elevation angle Wavelet power spectrums of the aeromagnetic anomalies were obtained using the scaled normalized analyzing wavelet in order to estimate the depth to the magnetic basement.

For the two methods, traverses 1 to 3 were taken in North-South azimuth which covered distance m while traverses 4 to 7 were acquired along Aptu azimuth which covered distance m. Ruth, Olabode Onile-ere and Dominic S870. This research involves the subsurface geological characterization for groundwater potential assessment within the campus of the Polytechnic of Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria.

The Absorbed dose and Annual effective dose equivalent AEDE of the study area are below the world standard limit for radiological hazard. The DHT22 was initialized at 5 V. Solar energy is one of the primary sources of energy replacing fossil fuels due to its abundance. The performance evaluation of the device was observed in the laboratory and on-site Covenant University farm both on the sunny and rainy days respectively.


Viscosity is a vital physical property that plays a major role in the petroleum industry, the production processing and transportation of oil due to influence on the flow through porous rock, oil wells, multiphase flow through tubing and piping system. Ground magnetic results depicted that the depths to biotite or biotite muscovite granite are relatively deep. Abstract Depth to magnetic basement and mapping of source geometries were estimated from High Resolution Aeromagnetic HRAM data of Benisheikh using wavelet transformation technique.

The results showed that the study area has majorly low value of overburden materials serving as the protective capacity to the aquifers that are characteristically high in porosities and transmissivities.

The numerical representations are collected climatological and radiometric data, derived from well-designed experiments in which cloud parameters measurements are carried out using radiances change measured by satellites and visual observations from the surface station s on land and ships in the ocean.