This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. There is a new LX driver here: This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. Given the very nice integration of the handset controls, I’m hoping this is possible. Unread post Sat Aug 13, 2: I think it might be the Ascom software I downloaded. By tosjduenfs in forum Astronomy Digital Cameras Forum.

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While not complete functionality e. Then go into properties and tick the box for pulse guide. Vixen Sphinx external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts. Your Autostar will still be connected to the mount, but there should be another input on the Autostar handbox that will enable you to plug in the connector ascomm.

So I am confused – if you are only connecting the xscom to the autostar handbox, how does the autoguider talk to the mount without being plugged into the LSX75mount? Index Recent Topics Search. Telescope Installs a driver for all computerized Celestron telescopes.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. They will, however, recommend one of their more expensive telescopes with the option built in assuming you get the right rep who knows that they actually manufacture something that does that. What I do is use PHD guiding.


I derive lxd57 satisfaction from helping people do what Meade claims cannot be done they adamantly stuck to their guns about not being able to autoguide with the LX series. I realize the LXD’s and Classic are old, but there are still a ton of them out there lxd7 they still work great when properly tuned.

Kxd75 prepared for limitations and problems. Please Log in to join the conversation. For the two first reasons you will need to recheck your setup and confirm that the serial Bluetooth adapter’s baud rate actually is Vixen SkySensor 6. The author provides a self-contained installer.

Weasner’s General LXD55/75 Feedback Page

You will need to use a USB Bluetooth dongle if your computer does not already have Bluetooth capabilities; otherwise click the Bluetooth icon in Windows task bar:.

Kxd75 still can’t sync the date, time, and location with anything I’ve tried. I have seen it on the PHD Guiding page, but can’t remember if you need it or not. This setup has been tested and confirmed working with the following software and mounts but will most likely work with all ASCOM based software; and since most mounts mainly works the ascim way we expect it will also work with most possibly all mount variations. Is there an adapter which supplies extra ports or something, and how to connect?

Controlling a Telescope from a PC over Bluetooth Using ASCOM

This mount does not have an autoguider port. Once you are connected the red and blue LED lights on the serial Bluetooth adapter should be solid on.


Equatorial mounts do not need to be accurately polar-aligned although an accurate polar alignment will oxd75 lead to a more satisfying observing experience. But, I was able to focus on telephone wires and bushes, between me and the mast. This driver has been supplied by the manufacturer and has passed all conformance tests report here.

I just dumped everything together, now it makes some sense and I will try tomorrow night. Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Paramount, etc. Any chance you could be persuaded to find a way to sync the date, time, and location with APT on connect?

As of this writing June the latest drivers are:. In this case you can disable these by sending the following commands to the serial Bluetooth adapter:. Remember, just remove the idea of the mount from your brain. Windows should now pair with the serial Acsom adapter and you should get the following message:.