While slightly thicker and heavier than other recent Netbooks, it’s still a vast improvement over the first few generations of mini laptops, which had a universally boxy, toylike feel. We prefer to have our connections out in the open, rather than hidden behind hinged plastic doors as in the HA model , although we have to admit, the ‘s tiny, angled Ethernet jack was an impressive engineering feat. Some of the above operating systems, while they may have been available, and some barely worked sluggishly, are no longer up to date. The latter mode would display only vertical pixels at a time, but as the pointer approached the top or bottom of the screen the display content would shift the “hidden” pixels into view to better display certain websites. Views Read Edit View history.

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The Asus Eee PC”. The Eee PC has a fan and vents to cool off the system. Pearl white pure white for Surf models or galaxy black; lush green, sky blue, blush pink spring The Bad Thicker and heavier than the previous model; still near the upper end of the Netbook price range. In some countries, the products have the marketing names EeePC 8G, 4G, 4G Surf, and 2G Surf, though in other countries the machines are still designated by the model numbers and Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.


The HA comes in three models. This allows you enjoy quick downloading and streaming of large multimedia files; and with a full range of applications, help enhance your communications and computing experience.

The latest revision, called the HA, keeps the slim, tapered design but ditches the somewhat cumbersome cover flaps on the ports and adds a more traditional six-cell battery.

WiMAX is not currently supported. The B is the first of the Eee PC line of computers that supports virtualization. Continue to assu page 01 Three additional models followed.

Sharing lets you easier to keep all your photos, music, videos, documents, bookmarks, and more in sync and up to date across all your computers.

The Eee PC Surf models zsus the mAh battery pack and no webcam, while the non-Surf models have the mAh battery pack and a webcam installed. Retrieved 19 November Mark 1050haa on Facebook’s Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Some models with serial numbers starting at 7B do not have a second mini PCIe slot soldered onto the motherboard, though the circuit traces and solder pads remain.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Windows XP Home Edition. Retrieved 7 September Archived from the original on 4 December Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

Eee PC HA (Seashell) | Laptops | ASUS USA

The Hybrid Storage options allow users to choose between different ways to enjoy easy access to data storage on-the-go. The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch According to Asus, the name Eee derives from “the three Es”, an abbreviation of its advertising slogan for the device: These are mostly power consumption tweaks one could perform individually, but it’s handy to have them all in one place.


We prefer to have our connections out in the open, rather than hidden behind hinged plastic doors as in the HA modelalthough we have to admit, the ‘s tiny, angled Ethernet jack was an 100ha engineering feat.

Communicate with anyone face-to-face, anytime and anywhere, with the built-in 1. It is important to ensure that the heatsink pads are replaced correctly after maintenance such as cleaning or replacing the fan.

Asus Eee PC 1005HA-M Win7

Updated all battery discharge tables to extend battery life”. A downside of SSD storage assu memory is that an individual sector can be written only abouttimes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Eee PC.

However, it is possible to recompile the kernel with support for more RAM.