This problem started for me one I added “virtual ” to my default screen configuration, in order to use a second monitor with xrandr 1. It’s much worse than I thought. If it’s possible could you give the differences between the livecd xorg. When upgraded to the Gutsy, one of the installed packages was a new driver for ATI vido cards, and may that is the problem. Yes OpenGL renderer string:

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ASUS M6C Free Driver Download (Official)

In the mean time I will try to find out how I got that problem fixed. Add tags Tag help.

I can move the mouse but the screen is totally unresponsive and ctrl-alt-back does not work, I have to reset.

Hello, After an update, I started to have this error when starting compiz. What is the error you receive with the livecd?

Sergio Zanchetta primes2h wrote on The only way to run effects on my system is to install xserver-xgl, which I did. No manageable screens found on display: I also could not enable desktop effects, but i am using nvidia hw.

I’d suggest searching to see if someone else has reported that mm6c, and if not, filling a separate bug report to ensure it gets attention. LoL, sorry guys but at least it works for a longer period of time. William Grant wgrant wrote on Related questions compiz in Ubuntu: This has nothing to do with eagle, so compiz can get the bugmail again!


I will try the work around and see what happens. If not get it here: Also, when the Live CD tries to enable them, it hangs too but this time it leaves ayi black screen and the cursor which I can move but nothing more.

I have an acer aspire and this has also happened to me. There’s not been a comment on this bug for quite some time – is anyone still having this issue with 8. I did get it to crash again, but only when I intensely used the 3D and got it to lock. I think that the updated list should be packaged.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Unfortunately it is non-trivial for me to try the new RC afi live, since the X31 has no CD rom drive – it requires the manual creation of a bootable usb key – but like I said, I don’t think that reinstalling vs.

Dri and radeon modules are loaded correctly now, since that time. The output of Xorg.


ASUS M6C Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows ME () – VGA_ME_zip

GabrielGrant – can you please test Intrepid Alpha-4 or newer if you’re having this same issue? Getting error above while trying run compiz by hands in terminal. I think wiki page is not yet updated.

On hp nx same thing wolf hb: Yes OpenGL renderer string: Andrew Conkling andrewski wrote on When upgraded to the Gutsy, one of the installed packages was a new driver for ATI vido cards, and may that is the problem.

No nvidia hardware available Checking for Xgl: After yesterday’s updates, desktop effects were not functioning. Similar problem confirmed on Latitude C, except that X server exits relatively cleanly and goes back to the gdm logon. I did this and now I cannot log in. I think that may be something with the ATI video atl because i have no desktop effects.