I’ve found it incredibly hard to install on a brand new VPS I got for the job and I am sure most general hosting would not be up to it. Give the version of ADOdb you are using. Give the version of PHP you are using, the operating system, the driver and the database version. Search in titles only Search in Bugs only Search. ADOdb contains components for querying and updating databases, as well as an Object Orientated Active Record library, schema management and performance monitoring. Use a browser and go to your scriptcase url but with somewhat different url, in my case https: Now go to your normal scriptcase dir via your browser and it will work again

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I’m getting this error when I tried to download an update from SC v7.

php – Could not find driver PDOException in yii2 – Stack Overflow

CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. After delete this setting under file called http. Turn off the scriptcase service. Unable to load database driver. Unable to load database driver Stack Overflow using a tag of adodb-php. You are welcome to contribute to the project and help the Unagle Source community: Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. See also the SourceForge project page. See inable post for detail. Give the version of ADOdb you are using. Could not find or create a directory” came out.


Answer user questions in the issue tracker. Full Changelog Note that 5. It also contains the following standalone extensions: Provide a code snippet, and if possible a description of what you are expecting to receive from a function.

Moodle in English

I’ve found it incredibly hard to install on a brand new VPS I got for the job and I am sure most general hosting would not be up to it. Go to your scriptcase dir: After check the permission of moodledata and checked Selinux option. Sidebar Resources Reference Manual. Login or Sign Up.

Syntax error in file: This means that the corresponding driver s must be installed and correctly configured for ADOdb to work.

Actually it is the permission problem I guess.


Finally after a long day hard work, find the problem which is the the setting made by Plesk service provide by 1and1. Unable to load database driver”, help please! We post notices of new releases and important bug fixes first there.


It has been actively maintained since by the project’s founder and numerous community contributors. Unable to load database driver ” Fatal error: It allows the same code to be used when accessing a wide range of databases.

ADOdb – Database Abstraction Layer for PHP [ADOdb]

You can post an issue in the Github issue tracker. Maybe someone need it. Try running the code with Debug Mode enabled.

For windows and scriptcase V8 the path is: