You will have to enable your wired card again by doing sudo modprobe b I guess I could do things this way, but it’s less than ideal since my wife takes the laptop elsewhere fairly often. Thanks for your help. All fine now, thanks a lot for that link! Is there anything I have to change to the settings? Broadcom Corporation physical id: Best regards, Alex Kent.

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The spot the shows driver is blank.

SYS from the download plus I didn’t rename the. My wireless card is: This driver is a mix between the original Broadcam chipset driver and the Linksys WMPN driver with edited inf file. I guess I could do things this way, but it’s less than ideal since my wife takes the laptop elsewhere fairly often.

Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx Vista/7 Driver v.

Just started redownloading EVE Online. I think the card is a BCM43xx. When my desktop loaded it had reverted itself to the default theme. My roommate decided to duel boot his compaq with 8.

New Broadcom driver allows mbit/s and… – Apple Community

This should go out as a critical update. Thank you for those clear and concise instructions.


So I downloaded all the necessary files and programs from your “How To” list and tried to manually install them, hoping that everything would go smoothly with all the terminal commands–NOT! I’m a bit of a beginner.

Then I tried your source at MS and although there no installation files included even the driver update function of the device manager wasnt working I was able to install the driver by just copying bcmwl6. And the network is now enabled I had to load the ndiswrapper module before ssb. You either want nidswrapper sys,inf or bcm43xx. Assume that I can download all required drivers using my other vista machine and move them to Ubuntu desktop using regular USB flash card.

I found a couple of threads here where people complain about the same problem. You might want to check and be sure that you updated eth1 to wlan0 instead of eth0 unless you don’t have a wired connection. I would try this before deleting things and starting over.

Best regards, Alex Kent. Hi, I follow all the steps and the wlan is working. One more nOOb question: Hardware is a Linksys wifi card with Broadcom rev.


Broadcom BCM43xx Drivers Download

Because it does not want to switch: I tried using bfwcutter, but my adapter still isn’t recognized. All ThinkCentre M62z, Edge 72z systems.

Your instructions were very explicit and I had no trouble following them.

I tried to use the proprietary drivers in the Hardware Drivers Manager and had no luck. Sorry for the multiposts. If you just want a guess, I am thinking it is because you don’t have an internet connection right now.

I’d like to provide vsta info for those who may have odd Broadcom drivers. It will help in figuring out what might be happening. It was a MAC addres filter on my router, everything seems to work just fine now. Wireless network cards for computers require control software to make them function firmware, capabilities.