If you are using WindowsXP or Vista, skip this step. What am I doing wrong please? Bosskut gazelle in General. The computer will search the Funtime Disc for the right driver. The slowest speed on the Gazelle is very slow, so any who want a slow speed have that option.

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It seems that all of a sudden when I lock a layer, then open another layer that is unlocked I want to work on, changes I make to the unlocked one happen on the locked layer too.

It seems that the Gazelle is the closest gazele perfect for what I want I started another thread in this forum asking for suggestions for which machine would be best for me and after posting it, I found the Gazellebut since its popularity seems to have declined dramatically, I am a little bit afraid to buy it.

As you know, the Gazelle was the second machine to be added to my crafting arsenal and I absolutely adore it putting aside the bright pink LOL! I need to get wnidows work done with it very soon!

Help for Make The Cut — Make The Cut! Forum

The lid also serves as a guide and platform for the cutting mats. Software to free you from the cartridge system. Plug the connector into the Gazelle, and connect the other end to the wall outlet. I want these type of peacocks on my invitations made with foil.



When the screen comes up vosskut entering the registration code I have used copy and paste to input the number. I decided to get the Gazelle after all! I like the small size of the Gazelle, 2.

It takes awhile to learn to get the pressure, blade depth right when used with welded text that is thin. I have installed a click blade holder with a 45 blade and set it at 1 to cut vinyl.

There always seems to be letters where the cut didn’t connect. I was able to cut right away with MTC.

Under A Cherry Tree: The Boss Kut Gazelle

I gaaelle use speed 2 out of the 7 available, and rarely do I use speeds over 4 except for pen drawing. HI, I need some help with this Case: I didn’t like SCAL in What is the difference with Funtime vs the others? Thank you, Julie, for taking the time to share your review with us!

Dear Julie, You mention that you have used many cutters. When you locate the dongle, remove the cap and connect the dongle to any available usb port.


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I choose a white usb cord. I have thousands of professional art pens that I can use in my Gazelle for drawing really nice, multi-colored designs.

There no place to put the number for the width I want as shown in bossut videos. Here is what it prints and puts in the print preview: Cutting around drawn lines is easy and accurate using the laser registration feature. Then click on the Recovery option on the left hand side. Can anyone suggest beat inkjet printer to use or settings I need to adjust? Latanya Rodgers March 18, at 8: Another problem, possibly related, is that it won’t break items apart. Please only comment widnows you use the Gazelle.

Does anyone know how I go about getting it there? Rebecca Buchanan November 7, at 8: Any help would be much appreciated.