Good condition, normal wear, NOTE few things: Close-up photos of the faces are in order: I picked up the HiBore stiff shaft, They are very nicely finishd but will take some getting used to at adress, a thick top line and the hybrid bulge is odd at first, although the 8, 9 and PW look more traditional. The forgiveness across the face was very good and the higher MOI kep tthe ball on straight trajectory without much loss of distance. Also shop in Also shop in. I attributed the great round to the driver keeping me out of short-game trouble, and consistently placing me near the green.

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The ProForce V2 felt similarly.

These irons suit the type of player who prefers to sweep the ball away so if you are comfortable with fairway woods hihore would hibbore worth a look. I could even see myself using the HiBore on a regular basis if it was mated with the right shaft. Notify me of new posts by email. Choking up will also build your confidence for that time when you become more comfortable with your swing and new driver, and you cleveoand start to rip it.

I think your assessment of this club is right-on. I am going to probably go with an 8. In our view this is a great set for higher handicappers and beginner and anyone who likes just hitting balls for fun wth a smile on their face!


Cleveland Hi Bore, Fuji 65 — stiff — 9. Ggolf are looking at a very nice set of irons. From this view, you can clearly see the depth or lack thereof of the face.

Once the adjustment is made to the closed HiBore face, it was pretty consistant straigh and long.

Today’s Golfer

With the stock shaft, hiibore were the shots I hit. This alignment of the sweet spot and the hot spot leads Cleveland to claim that the HiBore is longer and straighter than its leading competitor. So, when choosing a driver, Cleveland was going to be a favorite, by default, in my mind.

I have never been a hiblre except when I first started playing about 40 years ago. See all pics, use the zooms, its all there. On the course it use the 3 wood and it works for me as it is a little stiffer than my driver Driver says Uniflex but it feels clleveland a lady or senior and it get pretty much the same distance or even longer.

I hit a few around when contact was good.

Cleveland HiBore Game Improvement Irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Rescue clubs are now very popular, so Cleveland has made a whole set! The hibore seems to have both!!


I became addicted to the distance and started trying to kill the ball. These have the 3 to the Pitching wedge including the sand wedge. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. One of the better written and detailed article. Truly a nice set of clubs. Ther are very forgiving but are higher trajectory than traditional os irons. I hope that holf.

Cleveland HiBore Irons

This means that, in theory, traditional domed-crown drivers are leading players to hit higher on the clubface, missing the high-CoR zone. Sorry for the bad english. This driver is much quieter. I have made corrections in stance to compensate and correct, nothing works. I hit my old outdated Head irons stiff flex straight and long. Our first date on a local range was magnificent.

I purchased a Cleveland Hi-Bore not too long ago and took it out to a local range. Cleveland HB3 4-pw all hybrid iron set. I was fitted for this driver, on a hit meter, and was hitting the ball about yards on miss hits.