Select the choice you prefer. The p has an integrated optical drive, quite rare for ultraportables view large image. Normal e0 8b , Fast e0 91 , Faster e0 92 , Fastest e0 9f. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The real miracle with the p is that it has an integrated optical drive — something I really prefer to have that a majority of ultraportables leave out.

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The status is reported by the F-mode LED. Note the scancodes above are those read by x86 software in port 0x The LED lights on the front right side of the p help to give it an added stylish look, axcess above the keyboard there are light-up touch sensitive controls that look more elegant and futuristic than a regular old push button. The lid of the notebook is constructed of a firm mag-alloy material and will endure the bumps of the road.

The Compaq p has everything you really need and would expect to find in an ultraportable. When the back of the lid is pushed on no screen ripples appear, indicating that ckmpaq protection is quite adequate.

Download the Quick Launch Hotkeys Utility 1. Christian Hammond reports about the keyboard Scroll Wheel: It improves on the previous Compaq nc by offering a built-in optical drive while still keeping the weight about the same.


How to Restore the Hotkeys on a HP Laptop |

The keyboard is also firm with absolutely no mushiness or sink to it. First row of buttons: The real miracle with the p is that it has an integrated optical drive — something I really prefer to have that a majority of ultraportables leave out. Do not install software upgrades intended for other products or Windows operating systems, as this may damage your laptop software or cause stability problems.

This keyboard reports keyboard ID ab 83 translated ab c1.

Easy Access Buttons And Keyboard Keys – Hp Compaq NC Getting Started Manual [Page 38]

To keep the look clean HP even goes so far as to make the media buttons touch sensitive instead of regular push button style. This is a design bug: The Menu key may be modified by shift etc. The Windows Vista Index score for the p was decent, the lowest score was a 3. The Compaq p had 81 processes running cojpaq bootup, the more bloatware you have installed and presariio you have to start the slower bootup usually is, and then in turn the system might be slower overall.

This review notebook has a The Turbo key does not produce scancodes, and neither do Power, Sleep, Wake.


These are on by default, but can be switched off. The larger battery adds more life at butotns cost of additional weight. On the left side we have: The system was always responsive and generally free of lag. They now make improved versions, which I don’t know much about.

There is no option for an LED backlit screen like you can get on the smaller This keyboard has 18 unusual keys.

Troubleshooting Service and Support Guide New on F4 key,?

There is some heat buildup that occurs on the system to the extent you can feel a temperature difference among certain areas. The “F-mode” key sends scancode e0 5aand at the same time switches the keyboard F-lock state.

How to Restore the Hotkeys on a HP Laptop

Don’t show me this message again. While it provides for a clean look, it makes it a bit tougher to control the volume. The keys have a good amount of travel, and are not too stiff.