Tell me where you are at and we will work from there. Guaranteed to power up n work. If you don’t need WiFi, please let us know during checkout – the price is the same. There are some good used Windows phones here, but I think this is one of the better ones. By default, the system renders text at about the same size it would be on a QVGA screen, but with vastly improved clarity and quality. Show only see all.

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If wireless is not enabled or you are using a socket card for wireless connection, then choose the network card: Just below the cover is a small switch that locks the battery cover in place. fell

There are times when you must choose the network card. All battery tests listed were performed with the standard mAh battery. It works really well and is in great condition. This is where the OS takes what would be one dot on an old screen, and doubles both its width and length.

Thank you, Lee Hi, What do you mean by laptop?

To select a profile to connect to, tap OK in the upper right corner. Unfortunately, I can not currently offer complete benchmarks on the X50v that would have real meaning.

Dell Axim x50, x51 http: They remarked on how much clearer and easier to read the VGA display was compared to the older screens. Order the Axim X50 handheld that fits your lifestyle and see what you’ve been missing.


Dell Axim X50 and X50v Review

Conditions 2, 3, 4, and 5 will all have dfll from use as pictured. Compared to my familiarity with the X30, the new design seemed strange. Brian Ok, It sounds like you wireless hot spot automatically assigns an IP address this is no more that a set of numbers that identify the wireless hot spot and wireless devices. You should contact DELL support for this.

Dell Axim X50 Pocket PC mhz Bluetooth WiFi b | eBay

The wireless button is on the left side of the unit, the second button down from the top, it will have a small tower with half circles coming out of both sides. If you need more battery life, you can buy a second milliamp-hour standard capacity battery to swap into the Axim when the first battery runs low, or get a high-capacity mAh extended battery that increases the size of the device, but offers significantly more runtime between charges. By default, the system renders text at about the same size it would be on a QVGA screen, but with vastly improved clarity and quality.

Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. I have attached some instructions on how to access the WIFI configuration for you axim here. Lets try these directions and see if you have what you need. There was no battery cover plate to deal with, because the battery packs themselves were an entire portion of the back of the machine, including the casing.


Please let me know if you find this helpful and can use this information. The most cutting-edge of these is designated the X50v, for its VGA screen. There are two possibilities on this count.

Axim X50 series

Of course, that could be said for the fish-stylus as well. You can feel the difference though, and the choices in plastic feel very nice resting in the palm of your hand. You need to configure you axim to connect to the wireless.

I hear a lot of sturm und drang about how useful a VGA screen is in terms of actual function, readability, sizeā€¦ and one hell of a lot of wrong information about how implementation of VGA is handled. After all, I am of the mindset that you can never have too great a wireless range.

Sometimes other dlel hot spots have enough range to show up in your area, but not enough to use for a connection. I had a bit of a change-over shock when I first started using the X Wi-Fi certified products from different manufacturers are interoperable. But the X50s are closer than most.