He made recommendations and outlined the advantages of each. He was very patient and listened very well, to use is super pb tech abilities to find the best version of best monitors for me. I have no doubt that because of his manner and expertise I’ve avoided a fire and burns. As we worked through my 2degrees contract Ben answered my questions and offered to help clone from my old phone to the new one. Pickup from 1 store by 1: All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Apple Mac iPhone iPad Accessories.

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I’d been on a navigation course all day using a compass and phone app.

DIGITUS Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Network Card

Tyler is a great role model for technical support service provider. We shop with you when we need new technology and have always found helpful and willing staff. He answered my questions, engaged well with me, and helped me pick what would meet my needs. Thank you etgernet much, Jordan you have made my Christmas. This man Jordan saved from certain dooms and I am so happy with the monitor I have purchased.

I ordered networ part a graphics pclit arrived the next day, it was exactly right, and was soon fitted. Ben was patient and explained carefully. If we got service of such excellence everywhere especially in the governmentNew Zealand would be a far better place. You guys are fantastic. Get the Latest Deals! I needed a power bank and I was directed to Ben. He also gave us good insight on which laptop we should buy and when, hence why I am commending him for helping us so much.


Pay rise this man today.

And leave with the feeling that you can’t wait to go back. Because of his manner and knowledge I decided to mention to him a phone issue I’d noticed that day. I had already been in a few month prior and one of you sales suggested a couple of good potential monitor, although they were good they were not at all ideal. I said that I thought the battery no longer held its charge and while I wasn’t going to replace it yet, I’d appreciate his advice.

Take a bow, PB Tech! We were looking to upgrade an Ipad mini and we received excellent service from a sales team member who listened to what we were thinking, questioned to clarify our thoughts and then made some helpful suggestions while showing us our possibilities. In short, he went out of his way to make sure that I had quality information on which I could rely in absolute confidence. Dropped off a Kinder Surprise to him in appreciation for his assistance.

DIGITUS Professional – Prodotti

However, to start with their solution was to wait for Philip firmware update but may be a week, a month or even a few months. The warehouse staff failed to turn up at her request.


As I am a console player only. xigitus

I offered to show it to him and I’m grateful that I did. Enjoyed chatting with him and really appreciated him helping me understand more about the computer I am building. Pickup from 7 fard by 1: I recently came in to pb tech just yesterday to purchase a new gaming monitor.

I have been here twice and I will come back in ehernet future when I update a new computer. Clearly your employee choices and your training programmes are very successful. And pbtech you have earned your next valued customer.

Digitus Gigabit Dual Ethernet PCI Express network card Low Profile

It’s not every day you walk in to a shop. I would have come home and just charged the phone and ignored it for the evening thinking that it was just getting old and the battery is tired.

But to find out this man got a pay rise for being such an incredible part of your team. A very nice Acer and it was even better quality than the previously suggested screens.