For example, have a look at the dialout program wvdial. Switch line a1 and b1. So far, Teles has had a very unfriendly attitude towards the i4l developers. RJ11 – RJ45 pins Cable abcd –abcd The manufacturer has always supported i4l developers http: Since isdn4linux does not implement the level 3 protocol used by the exchange, you can only use this mode like a leased line. You can also check the web site http:

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The newest firmware should be available at ftp: The Teles card Only since about April you can download the drivers over the Internet.

Also the Eicon Diva Server cards should work. Yes, the drivers have been written to work with shared interrupts. Before you had to dial up a very expensive number where you had to pay about DM 1,20 per minute in Germany to download the driver.

FAQ for isdn4linux: hardware: Supported hardware, its specialities, and hardware-related problems

As no information is available for these boards, they are NOT supported! For any details in this direction have a look at the excellent cable FAQ, which can be found at least in a German version at: Also, it is possible to give up one B-channel in exchange for reading the complete D-channel protocol, which is great for isdnlog.


However, since active cards have non-standard interfaces, a driver can only be made when the producer publishes the specifications for the interface. Due to a bug in the pnp chip it is very important for the I-Surf 1.

Terminal adapters are designed to behave either like a modem or like a network card. However, check Rynalink website; maybe by now they provide pre-compiled driver for their cards not supported by isdn4linux. BIN, which is part of the isdn4k-utils.

Dynalink ISDN Adapter Free Driver Download

The Hypercope cards have also been reported to work very well, servicing all available channels for faxing. If you have a point-to-point configuration ‘Anlagenanschluss’ then you cannot connect your card directly to the S0 bus in parallel to the PBX otherwise nothing will work.

The USB cynalink is currently not supported, there is no driver available. The card memory is shown only as needed.

ISDN and related drivers

You can get the newest driver from: You have to configure i4l or the PBX accordingly, best is you try to configure both on the same or similar protocolls. The reason is that it can fax on both channels with AT class 2 commands, and includes a V.

As for the Eumexthere is an unofficial binary driver dhnalink isdn4linux with Suse 6. If it still doesn’t work, try switching them both. Never switch the outer with the inner lines – this would cross the RX and TX lines and nothing will work.


Please write me if dynxlink ever succeeds. The author has had personal experience with Teles since Many cards have been reported to work with the HiSax driver. To get the firmware download the two perl scripts from: HiSax that comes with the driver for the most up to date information on supported cards and which parameter to pass to Hisax. Only the last one is prepared for sending faxes.

With a passive card, the computer in which the card is installed has to perform these functions. Old versions up to 3.

Dynalink Modem Drivers Download

Much work is to be done to get it properly working again. For dial in be aware that some PBX add a leading 0 to any incoming telephone number, so adjust your configuration for the secure option accordingly.

If this is not feasible, pvi can get the module pcitest from Karsten Keil keil isdn4linux. Without mice or modems you could also try 4 and 3, which works even on very exotic boards.