Oh and i forgot my pc midi keyboard , no driver or support for that one either luckely i can get it to work through the UM-1s thnx to John. However, I would like to update on the progress of the PC because I just recently managed to get it to work and hope it will help someone else. Thank You so much, You made my day. Is that the thanks we get for years and yea. Armed with your instructions and a 10 second edit, I reinstalled the Win 8 driver and my Yamaha keyboard is connected again! And, indeed, when you install Windows 10 onto a machine with the UM-1X plugged in, it remains unrecognised by the new operating system.

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Thanks for your help.

Make the Edirol or Roland UM-1 and UM-1X work on Windows 10

Omg so simple and yet …anyway i love you john warburton for that! Worked like a charm for UM 2.

Please let me know if a re-installation of your driver works for you. Thank you so much!

I tried that with UM-3EX to win 10 32 bit. Hello, and I hope you can get this sorted out ok. Repeated steps and all worked fine this time. I fiddled with this for hours before finding your blog.


Remember also you must set your Windows installation NOT to enforce driver signing. Grazie per il vostro rapporto, Giovanni.

The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalogue file. Hi, Do you have a work around for os Good morning, John, Thank you for your valuable conseils. I have tried uninstalling the driver and installing it again, turning on and off the advanced driver switch, as well as disabling the driver signature setting.

If the folder contains a driver, make sure wineows is designed to work with Windows for xbased systems. Unpacking the archive means unzipping it, in this case. INF file were saved, and they were. Thanks once again, Ivor. John, I just wanted to say thank you for providing this workaround for installing the driver.

Roland – Support – UM-1SX – Drivers e atualizações

After each major update of Windows, I need to re-install the driver. Man if i ever come out with my album the thank yous list windowe going to be so long lol.

I am using a windows bit machine for my UM-1 and the instructions were spot on. Ediorl, when I attempted to update the driver, I got the error message: I might be doing something wrong but I have no idea to what. There is no file.


Roland REE – Támogatás – UM-1SX – Frissítések és driver-ek

The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. John, after getting your email last night, I closed all the windows that had the. And for testing a bit driver, which I have mu-1sx yet edorol. I am sorry not to know the answer to this one, not having the PC hardware myself, but perhaps someone else might like to reply below? Could you folks possibly make it any harder to disable signed driver checking?

I can confirm that the MIDI input works just fine. Thank you VERY much for this info! I have an Edirol UM — 2 without switch and am using Win10 32bit. This hardware is something not winndows the studio here. INF in your favourite text editor. And an open comment to Microsoft: