I look forward to your future entries regarding other audio gear besides headphone amps. If you’re trying to save money, consider the Behringer UCA which does a decent job via the line outputs. This is acceptable if not stellar performance: Comments may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to be approved. I thought you preferred music streamer ii over DACmagic. There is no hiss even with the Ultimate Ears SuperFi which hiss with every other thing I ever connected them to. Reduce the Wolfson DAC distortion to be closer to the analog performance.

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Although I probably struggle to understand a lot of the information, what I do understand is very helpful. Indeed, I realize the reasonable implementation assumption is a big one.

What Hi-Fi?

HifianddrummingNov 19, Thanks for the info NullZero. When I have charging off, there is a noticeable, annoying, buzzing sound that accompanies high-frequency sounds.

Why would I ask for a digital-input? The graph allows estimating the power into various load impedances.

While the snares are clean and heard. The result, in dacc case, is the jitter tests between those two DACs were not done the same way. The internal DAC is quite good. Hello to DolbyDan, Just came across your thoughts on the Fio E7 and would say that this great little portable usb dac Is without doubt the most cost effective way to achieve a very noticable improvement to the sound heard through your headphones.


What I seem to be after is a home listening vac with audio equipment that is transparent and images the recording as intended by the artist, so I’m again thinking HD fiil, T1, or LCD-2 as my headphone of choice. So I’d have to test the D3 to really know. It also has a dual-color OLED display for clear readouts. You still can use an individual application’s volume control but the system control is fixed to preserve bit depth.

Thanks for any advice, Kyle.

NwAvGuy: FiiO E7 USB DAC & Amp

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Anonymous August 12, at Or how can I convince him that he’s wrong?

That leaves the SqueezeBox. Reply August 5, Anonymous. FiiO’s quality control is apparently a bit sloppy as my E5 has a fairly obvious problem that’s not normal. Sennheiser rates some of their headphones in dB SPL at 1 volt for example and others at 1 mW which are entirely different.

The peak distortion is only 0. My question is, will it be a noticable increase in listening experience or I will not miss it?

You’re doing a great job in presenting the hard facts of the products you review, I only wish more people would have the same approach on the net.

And the balance between the channels remains anchored dead center over the entire range. Maybe my ears are just more attuned to bassier headphones. The sound imaging is ok to me but not perfect. Since I bought it used can’t do a thing about it, but switch to dad else for my portable needs. This is only a negative if you have flawed recordings or seriously flawed headphones, In some ways, this is a good thing because if you have mids that you love, it will bring them out even more, etc.


I have been using one since it first came to market with a wide and varied selection of both over ear and in ear including Grado SR big Sennheisers and currently with Klipsh X10 and the soundstage is wide instruments are given space.

FiiO E7 Portable Headphone DAC Amplifier

There are 3 different bass settings with in the EQ setting which changes the sound of the Fiio E7, Eq0 which is the default, EQ which changes the bass and the rest of the sound. Now, on to my question: It’s usually what comes after the DAC that causes problems. This is the same as above but feeding a digital signal from the dScope to the DAC and only at ohms.