If you want to avoid that the M looks battered after a short time, you should definitely put it into transport bags with caution. Considering that this Because the indicator LEDs for charge status, wireless modules, and mass storage activity are before the touch pad in the centre of the front edge, it is even during typing easy to keep track of them. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Disadvantages of this notebook are the low brightness of the display , the noise emissions , and that security features are missing.

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It should be possible to work about half a day, if you use both batteries.

A true business professional like the Esprimo Mobile M is of course equipped with a flat screen with matte surface. Energy is provided by a 6 cells lithium ions battery with a total capacity of The temperature at the right side is The compulsory modem port is of course also available.

The only difference of the single models of the Esprimo series are their size, whereas So, the Esprimo Mobile M is sure to fit into all notebook bags. Points of Futuremarks PCMark Temperature Despite the small size of siwmens 14 inch Esprimo Mobile M the temperature was at least at the top side alright during our test.


Download drivers for FUJITSU SIEMENS ESPRIMO Mobile M9400

The indicator LEDs are in the middle, so, the user can easily keep an eye on them. The Esprimo Mobile M is equipped with all important interfaces, However, the situation changes immediately, if the user works with usual office applications, like text processing, does some non-demanding picture editing, and browses the Internet at the same time.

But, the contrast is poor and the colours appear to be dull. Accordingly, the M’s size is compact too, i. Those who travel a lot, will especially appreciate the port replicatorbecause it helps to avoid connecting and disconnecting cables again and again.

Review Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile M Notebook – Reviews

Nothing yields under pressure. High-quality speakers are not that crucial for genuine business notebooks as for, e.

So, the tinny and thin sound of the small speakers is not really important. The slightly roughened surface is regarding adhesion and friction force very user-friendly. Forgot to mention that i use 64bit so the problem exists In addition to this hot key, the M does not have any other hot keys, e.

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile M Series – External Reviews

Fujistsu Siemens Esprimo M It is not designed for 3D applications or computer games. Overall, this Esprimo notebook looses one percent in the total rating because of this. Further difference are described in the following review.


Furthermore, this mouse replacement can be easily deactivated by the key combination Fn and F6. Despite being black and silver without any ornaments the Esprimo Mobile M looks simply elegant. Board index All times are UTC.

Therefore, you should not work lap top, if there is a high work load for the Esprimo. However, the more expensive Lifebooks are clearly better than the M regarding security features.

The M scores points by a solid case, good materialsand good workmanship.

Review Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400 Notebook

Here you can also buy this notebook. The maximum measured at the left palm rest area was Besides a small hot spot at the left side near the back, the top side is about hand-hot, whereas the average temperature is about Its video performance is absolutely sufficient for office applications and also for the Aero desktop of Windows Vista.

Is the WLAN card seen in device manager?