Continuous battery life of over 50 hrs for a single Li-ion battery. What To Expect from the Razer Naga. Gamers usually shun wireless peripherals, always wary of a possible energy loss. Its solid and robust feel made it very comfortable to use and the number of features that is packed into it is outstanding. Aivia, an integrated acronymic word, is derived from its key features — advanced, intuitive, and versatile interface archetype. Dual batteries are a great idea for those frantic gaming moments when you’re in the middle of an intense battle and go “oh crap, I need to plug in my charger into the front of my mouse so I can continue gaming”. After saving the macro, you simply just drag the macro to the button you want to override in the profile you desire.

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Aivia M | Mouse – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

The mouse has a longitudinal symmetrical body with four lateral buttons, two on each side. The battery is housed on the other end and can be ejected by a button on the underside. Aivia has employed the same design of the GUI from the K gaming keyboard.

Speak Your Mind Tell us what you’re thinking Page 4 of 6. Looking at the mouse we can certainly say that its clearly aimed at the gamer market and would certainly fit ggiabyte well when paired aivai the Aivia gaming keyboard.

Everything is simple and intuitive — a bliss among such a collection of confusing software out there. Aivia M Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse has long lasting battery that guarantees hour nonstop gaming experience.


Kind of like “what the hell is this edged bump? Even though the design has its striking lines its very comfortable in the hand and glides well across the desktop.

It’s just a vanity issue and I’m probably nit-picking now. Sign up for our tech newsletter. Its solid and robust feel made it very comfortable to use and the number of features that is packed into it is outstanding.

I would have said that for those with smaller hands that being able to comfortably grasp the mouse yet still be able to use the left and right click would have been a problem, but you can still easily use the buttons from back towards the middle of the mouse next to the sensitivity adjustment buttons. The box packaging is very, very unique with a cylinder tube that comes apart in 3 pieces – the aiviz in its own section, with a bag of goodies charger, batteries, etc in another gihabyte.

They also have preprogrammed some basic functions on the right side panel such as: Even for those users not inclined to create macros, the Ghost offers some handy predefined suggestions.

Gamers usually shun wireless peripherals, always wary of a possible energy loss.

Gigabyte have now paired up this keyboard gigabte the Aivia M macro gaming mouse to penetrate into both sides of the gamers needs — a high performance keyboard and mouse. Of course, the mouse mat was the best, but that’s to be expected. November 10, at 6: You can find products similar to this one for sale below. It’s quite striking to look at; to hold on the other hand is a different argument.


GIGABYTE Aivia M8600 Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse Review

It gets quite squeaky, gigayte. They can’t be accidentally pressed, but allow for DPI speed changes for different tasks. I tried my Razer Vespula mousemat, my wooden table, my hand After a week with the mouse being used as my everyday mouse the physical design and bump at the top that I originally complained about was actually comfortable.

The actual use of the mouse feels natural; it glides very smoothly across any surface. November 11, at 6: The M is also able to be docked to charge, with a spare battery in-case of the above-mentioned long gaming sessions.

With that in mind, Gigabyte has released a wireless gaming-grade mouse with a long lasting 50 hour battery that comes with an extra battery that you can rapidly switch. The application is very easy to use.

Wireless mode gives freedom for gaming.

I enjoy my mice like I enjoy my scotch. You have to turn the device upside down, hit a switch to eject the battery, retrieve it, and then put the new one in the slot.