They support additional functionality provided by the hardware. Due to the pipelined data transfer, the FG is able to supply image data at high speeds. FGII at Cebit Our products are designed in North America and backed by rock-solid technical support. It omits many details, and is only meant to show the general steps your application would need to take.

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On request we send a Linux driver. FGII has an additional mode: A medium defines a method of communication, such as a bus. They support additional functionality provided by the hardware. Unfortunually this does not mean, that all drivers for CardBus Slots have really this bit-mode implemented.

Epiphan Systems unveils VGA2Ethernet frame grabber

FG provides double color resolution in time and chrominance steps resulting in a remarkably better color quality than 4: For example, a TV tuner card has functions for setting the channel.

Programmable hardware can pass a cropped windows on to this RAM, which is scaled 1: As the leader in high resolution VGA and DVI frame grabbersEpiphan Systems always strives to improve upon and create faster, more affordable, and more versatile capture solutions.


Our products are designed in North America and backed by rock-solid technical support.

These formats have better resolutions in each line, e. Get answers about Epiphan products before you buy. Our customers include companies that specialize in live event production, education, healthcare, worship, manufacturing, usability, collaboration, security and transportation.

Detailed structure of FG FG digitizes square pixels for all TV standards. Furthermore it displays the video source in a dialog box and shows in source code how to capture and display images in a Window. It is dependend on the operating system used. After the first line is digitized, an image can be transferred into RAM simultaneously to further digitizing.

However, be aware that the recommend approach is simply to call one of these ICaptureGraphBuilder2 methods. A special mode allows wsm efficient capture of grey-scale images.

Camera and Frame Grabber Driver Versions Currently Supported

Also, do not connect a pin unless the filter requires exactly one connected instance of that pin. SVGA chipsets are supported by an additional Dos program. FG can work with variable resolutions based on a fixed grid of x pixels for European standards and x pixels for US standard. Independent of display capabilities, all operations use a memory-based image with wfm pixel depth This provides true-to-scale pictures without distortion and without scalings that impair grwbbe.


It is not required to wxm the image again in PC’s memory, the data stream can directly be processed in analysis loops. FGII at Cebit Get answers to your pre-purchase questions via a live web demo! It is required to install the supplied Software Version 5. To book a media relations appointment please click here to contact Epiphan Media Relations.

Grabber::getAvailableVideoCaptureDevices Method – IC Imaging Control C++

At some point while building the graph, call FindInterface or RenderStream. Otherwise, your application might try to connect various pins that shouldn’t have connections, which can cause the program to stop responding.

You must connect pins that support the same medium. Square pixels have advantages for many applications.

Either one of these methods will automatically locate the necessary WDM filters and connect them to the capture filter. This allows a variety of grsbbe applications.