Do not rest the plotter on its right side. Gerber GS15 Plus Plotter. Grimco SKU select options. Page 81 Plotter Adjustment 5. Drum End Play Adjustment This play exists because the ball bearing has a flexible race.

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Gerber GS15 Digital Die Cutter/ Plotter / Router

Page 80 plus 70 GS15 4. Page 26 plus 16 GS15 2. When the power is on, never try to manually move the carriage, move the drum, rotate the tool, or force the tool up plus or down.

Loosely install the three screws removed in step 8. The GS15 uses the same plotting materials as all Gerber plotters. Don’t have an account? This pressure ensures uniform cuts gs115 pen lines.

Page 82 plus 72 GS15 8. Page 94 continuous exercise Page 34 plus 24 GS15 5. Convenience Convenience plus GS15 has many features that make it easy and convenient to use: If there is more than. Page 3 Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. Press either RUN key to plot.


Gerber GS15 Plus 15″ Drag / Tangential Sprocket Plotter

Place one or two drops of oil on each side of the ball bushing as indicated and in the oil hole. Convenience plus GS15 has many features that make it easy and convenient to use: Y, Z, theta axes in cut mode and to ys15 operation after adjustments are made.

Be sure that the carriage spindle is not located at either extreme end of its travel and that both ends of the rubber drum can be reached easily. Page 77 Plotter Adjustment 5. Use a lint-free cloth and alcohol to clean any dust or debris from the front way, drive shaft, cam shaft and rear way.

Service and Maintenance 3. Also pluw are direct-cut screenprint stencil, ruby photo film, paint masking material, rubber sandblast stencil material and heat transfer materials.

Gerber GS15 Plus 15″ Drag / Tangential Sprocket Plotter

Pouncing can also be used to align vinyl letters on a large job. Substrate Accessories Wood Substrates. Push down on the upper end of the pen until the point just touches the table surface.


To access special diagnostics 1. Locate the adjustment pad. Be careful not to lift the cover so high that the front panel cable disconnects. The following sequence occurs: Loosen these screws, which hold the X motor bracket against the standoffs on the side plate.

Take care when handling the knife holder and blade. Page 73 Plotter Adjustment 6. Tool force can be adjusted by turning the small knob on the end of the tool force housing, as shown in the illustration below. It also contains a brief description of plotter adjustment problems that should be handled by contacting Gerber Field Service Department at Locate the two screws which hold the lift fork in place.

Tighten the X axis drum clamp.