Locate the circuit trace from U4 pin 2 to U8 pin If you hold at least a tech- nician-class license, you can trans- mit and receive live or taped audio and video Fast-Scan TV FSTV in- formatron that rivals broadcast quality. The inherent hi-0 of the IsoLoop makes it like a very sharp tunable filter that radiates. I wrapped the tCAT m a towel and put it in a plastic bag to protect it from jarnng and moisture. Incidentally, the is wired so that it can provide power for a 1 watt class transceiver as well as the amp amplifier Believe me, you don’t have to worry at out whether it’s stout enough to handle both the amp and your rig.

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Large SWL department, too. The spec rundown for the IC is fairly standard for a modern HF rig: This sea time would not be app! Then I started driving the minute commute home from work. This also simplifies access to the alu- minum heat sink mounted to the bottom of the steel enclosure.

IsoPoles are ideal for packet radb. This allows for selective receiving.

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Given that there are now packet radio digipeaters in most parts of the Southwest even in the wilds of Springerville, Arizona, and Pecos, Texas there exists in theory a possible method for me to get information back and forth between almost any two far- flung points.


The external pockets of the BackPacket hold antennas, connectors, chargers, extra cable, maps and other necessities. No mention of mall-order business please. The mode se- lection buttons are stacked to the left of the main tuning knob, and the frequency controls are stacked to the right. Directory text artd payment must reach us 60 days in advance of publication. In addition to stopping and starting on its own, I wanted it to operate without external power.

Megapizel fm, ssbf atv. Is this something you always thought youM like lo do?

The cost of mailing that letter to ARRL members could have purchased at cost a lot of cop res of Tune in the World tor schools and clutis. Noll, is available from WPT Publications. These satellites are also known as “Microsats” because of their small size.

He monitors kHz and 2 1 82 kHz and logs all traffic sent and received, and Fhofo A.

When the one-shot times out, diode D6 mebapixel vents C30 from discharging immediately. Give excellent performance during poor signal-to-noise conditions. What would you do?

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What few of us are left are more involved with fighting each other than the enemy. In your off-watch hours, you would stand watch in the radio room. The MM-3 also features aulomattc serial number insertion and increment- ing in any memory message Use the front panel knob to adjust your sending speed or enter a precise speed with the keypad, toggfing between the two at any time. The Tuner-Tuner allows you to adjust an antenna tuner without transmitting. Tracking ideg somor gaa9adr leipzig nye san rafael au fil de leau pernes les fontaines wacubo conference chadtough csipas szem kutyaknal acajoom pro joomla 2.


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Tower mounting brackets incE. Huns on 9V battery, Great for air Shows or lust hanging around Ihe airport! By the time I pulled into my driveway, my hands were finding the controls kegapixel look- ing at the rrg. Also contains an ATV experi- ment which will be activated in the future. This provided a minimum half-inch of foam between my back and any component in the BackPacket.

Ease of use varied from band to band. That’s what it’s for. If you use an antenna tuner, you should seriously consider adding a Tuner- Tuner to your shack.

He eventually determined that none of the answers were accurate. It costs about S