Both mixers are separate devices. It is a virtual device for organization of an internal digital loopback. The new drivers offer a completely different interface: A WDM driver doesn’t have some required functions very often; besides, it is permanently in a beta status. Diagnostics of the Minerva v1. If my budget had allowed me, I took an audiophile for ct “good reputable”, but I do not regret the DSP24 Value is a good map trs. Probably, it is resulted from hardware mixing of those 20 channels with unavoidable reduction of the dynamic range and anti-aliasing by dithering.

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Hoontech ST. Audio DSP24 Value – Future Producers forums

This is how I recommend to use this model from Hoontech. The DirectSound is provided with hardware SRC and digital mixing of 16 streams with parameters not higher than 16bit 48kHz. Once you have downloaded all the files unpack and untar them. Positions of overloading in a digital mode are lacking – the upper value is 0 dB. Drivers and utilities Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the provided drivers and utilities work correctly on our test ds;24 One will crash the system on startup, another wont finish installing and freeze the system and another installs then prompts me with device cannot start code The Waveterminal has a bit more detailed and transparent sound.


Too much problem with dsp It indicates high quality of reproduction and lack of resampling which is peculiar to all multimedia cards. The advantages of the latter are well seen from the measurement results. The panel of new dps24 is simple and pro for the initiate.

The identity of the results is accounted for by the fact that both cards use the same chips of digital transmitter and receiver. The last format was played excellently by both cards. The rear output of the Audigy plays with less distortions than the front one, but it still yields to the DSP24 Value.

Log in Become a member. Both mixers are separate devices. At the time, I did not care, but today I’d like to have at least 4 inputs for 2 registered to Great “and two live voice condition.


It is not yet available as a tarball but is free and very powerful. That is why in our tests we played music simultaneously on the comparable devices instantly switching from one to the other. The Audigy had not bad but rather dim sound.

By the way, a human being keeps in his memory sharp impressions just for several seconds; after that they become blurry, and then turn into emotional impressions.

Take a closer look at the IMD graph. The characteristics at 24bit 96kHz are worse than at 16bit Any multimedia card will suit. The easy way to fix this is to download a utility from THIS website called Alsaconf which can automatically generate a configuration file without the need to hand edit. The professional interfaces’ part contains 20 channels of up to 24bit with hardware mixing in bit capacity. In the first case a part of each separate instrument is less discernible, and there is some kind of “sand” in the sound which I earlier related to imperfection of a sound-reproducing track.


I mean asoundrc, pulseaudio files etc.

Optimize your system for ultimate performance. It has much more advantages for home use – 6 channels, DolbyDigital decoding, games, movies, karaoke etc. In the 16bit Hz mode the card showed excellent results. That is why we used the time-proved Waveterminal with 2.

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Squeeze had only “dummy output” problem with pulseaudio. On the other hand, a noise level and a dynamic range for the professional AKM codec hoonhech less than expected. At the same time the sound differed a tad in tembre.