Knowing this you have little options, but one has to ask you this first, You say the spin is fine, but you are hitting it to high I would note that this is for right-handed clubs. Impressive design, confidence inspiring loft. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Or, sometimes away from the cup due to the golfer’s poor read of the green.

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Continue to hit golf balls at the driving range, sdjust adjustments to the weights and FCT sleeve between every two or three balls. TaylorMade M1 I am a lefty golfer and I would like to produce a draw with adjuet driver.

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Do not use anything but the R9 wrench to adjust the club weights and remove the club head from club. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.

If you pull it toward your body, you are hooking the ball. I was doing some side by sides with a R9 head and there was such a difference in Launch Angles between the two as the R9 was know for being a low spin head.

TaylorMade R9 Supertri Adjustment Help – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

If you wanted to tinker more often then this is certainly the club to do it with and there is definitely an appreciable difference between settings. The Motore shaft is 5 grams lighter than the shaft in the R9 driver and you really notice the difference when you pick up the club. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


I tried out a Placing the 16 g weight in the heel cavity and the two 1 g weights in the middle and toe cavities helps correct your drive when you hook the ball. I hit a natural draw, but I hit my drives too high off the tee and want to correct this with the club adjustments.

Sign up for a new account in our community. TaylorMade M1 Hybrid: Adjustability gives plenty scope. Here’s a good website that explains the various R9 settings and their effect on loft, lie and face angle. By tinkerJanuary 27 in Discussions. By buttputt40December 18 in Golf Talk. Does anyone know how I should position the weights or set the loft and lie of the club?

How to Adjust a TaylorMade R9

Sign in Already have an account? Turn the bolt counterclockwise until you can lift the head off the shaft superrti expose the Flight Control Technology sleeve. Slicing the ball happens when you hit the ball away from your body.

Titleist ProV1x Profile Picture: Adjyst will promote maximum accuracy as well as maximum distance with your R9 Driver. But, as with all adjustable drivers, I think I would experiment on the range to find the setting I was more comfortable with and stick with that.


The Golf Fix: Taylormade R9 Driver Instructions � How to Configure the FCT and MWT Settings

They should have adiust in the technology part for this driver. Because once you have the correct loft, then one can dial it in to fine tune the head and not attempt to make the head something totally different then what it really is.

New York, NY Handicap: If you’re currently shopping for an R9 or considering the purchase of a new driver, check this out first R9 Driver Comparison. Sure, messing with the FCT, and MWT will help some, but attempting to create a club that it really is not will not always solve this issue.

We appreciate that you found this thread tl of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.

First off, I would really suggest trying one lower loft in this head at a Demo Day or on a LM somewhere as I think this is the best first step based on what you said. Using anything else can damage the threads on the bolt and weights. Or, sometimes away from the cup due to the golfer’s poor read of the green.

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