The side guides were warped and didn’t travel on the bottom rails evenly, making the sheets buckle as the elevator lifted toward the top of the drawer. You must present proof of payment to the seller upon pickup. Keep in mind we will prefill the bid amount for you with the next minimum bid increment even when you are outbid. Has anyone else had such a dispute? I’m sure they’ll want to convert us all to ricoh machines in time, but if they don’t keep us happy with the machines currently being sold that won’t happen and they’ll lose us to xerox, KM direct, etc. Some days they respond within the four hours, however, usually it’s the next business day.

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No person shall have any claim against Seller, its consignors, agents, employees, directors or principals for any injuries sustained or for damages to or loss of personal property, which may occur from any cause whatsoever.

Konica Minolta Ikon Cpp500 Toner Yellow 02SM CPP 500

And, we picked up our Xerox ptinter, out of necessity printe we couldn’t print anything with our piece of crap Ikon supported machine. They are NOT helpful and have yet to resolve any of issues, aside from sending out a tech to service the machine. It requires a great deal of service, the walk up memory is weak at best spitting out anything over 28 pages and exiting, of course we didn’t learn about the memory issue until AFTER we purchased.


Learn to clean the corona wires yourself. Your invoice will be sent after ALL lots have ended, and it will include our quote for shipping. You have a better chance of seeing Elvis.

Flammable, noxious, corrosive and pressurized substances may be present, heavy equipment may be in operation, and electric circuits may be live. Calibrate every morning if you are in the print-for-pay business.

We have had continuous problems to the point that we are now buying a new Xerox despite that we don’t really have the ikn numbers to justify it yet.

Ikon CPP review? RickABJun 24, The produces a much prettier print.

But it will happen. The toner bottles are very small and the Ikon supply team steadfastly keeps you on a 2 bottle limit per order unless you can coerce your sales rep by dropping the Canon name. The tech said he’ll be out to fix it tomorrow.

We now order every other day and it seems to get past the system, but who has that kind of time. This premium will be added to the hammer price in your invoice. The Lemon ion “repaired” this morning and four hours later it broke down. 5500 oral agreements made between Buyer and Seller shall be valid unless memorialized by both parties in writing. We had to have them reclassify us as a print shop to get the toner amounts to levels we could work with and even that doesn’t work.

Ikon CPP 500

Our contract states that a tech is to prinetr the machine pritner four hours of the service request. This has more or less been remedied, but it took them months to figure it out. I’m not getting much help from Ikon. Also if you run any large jobs you have to calibrate before continuing, it’s very sensitive.


We do use the for print-for-pay production. MissPrintOct 13, Do not rely on the duplexer to do this precisely. PM kits are a must, Drum changes are a must, and corona wires must be cleaned weekly. The second HCD or tray 4 is doing the same thing, although to a lesser degree. Do you already have an account?

Typically it is the copier prinnter that jams – and by jams I mean either the paper really does jam or it just doesn’t pass through for some reason.

Konica Minolta Ikon Cpp Toner Yellow 02SM CPP | eBay

The way I became turned on to Xerox was because of all the downtime my C gave me, I printerr forced to outsource to my nearby competitor and he has a little but man does it print pretty pictures! Who knows how long it’ll take for Ricoh to pull the rug out? Another bidder has placed a higher maximum bid.

Thanks again so much for your time. Danny Clarke, Howard Hunt New year predictions: