Gigabyte has made improvements to the orientation of the DPS module from previous motherboards incorporating this feature. Could you confirm you actually have the Nforce3 chipset features working? It will support 10, or Mbps connections. A faster processor will result in a faster render. Now we sit at over FPS with the screen set to a high resolution and detail. Total harmonic distortion is 70 dB digital to analog and 86 dB analog to digital.

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There is no official benchmark for After Effects but tasks can be timed to show specific results. It is primarily a 2D application using imported graphics or digital footage or self generated effects.

Those ports are buried at the bottom of the board with the USB and Firewire headers. It was surprising to encounter a problem so obvious as what we discovered.

Dual Channel is also enabled with 4 memory modules inserted. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

Gigabyte K8NSNXP Features and Layout – Socket Roundup: Battle at the Top

One k8ndnxp may best another by split seconds or a handful of frames which will not make the difference to user feel. Overclockers are challenged since AMD moved the memory controller on-die. I have heard no and did not see that in your review. Two different SATA chipsets is an oddity but many manufacturers adopting the nForce3 chipset will face this challenge as well to stay within competitive price.


Socket does make up significant ground in Specview Perf besting even the formidable Socket FX processor.

When it works, the CPU should be cooler with dowb to 22w dissipation, but than we want to gain the benefit from this with a CPU and Case fans slowing down, becoming quieter or simply stop as q-fan and silenttek can do as well. I have been trying to get answered whether or not these features k8nanxp DO work. After seeing this complaint voiced in review after review, you would think that Gigabyte would seriously consider a wider range of vDIMM adjustments. Sign In Become an Icrontian.

The layout isn’t all roses, though. What intelligent Fan-Features has Gigabyte to offer? This cooler has hardly any surface area, so it’s largely reliant on a tiny fan to keep the nForce3 Ultra cool. What knsnxp is wether the PC is quiet or not. I am beginning to think this ram needs more power than the board can produce.

Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939

Those are for the SoundStorm package and will not install. Those few inches will mean that one cable from the PCI audio bracket goes one way while a second cable goes another. The one glaring area that continues to k8nsnsp recent Gigabyte designs is the extremely limited range of memory voltage adjustments. The BIOS has extensive adjustments. Does this mean that the firewall only works with the 2nd Mbit LAN?


Five PCI slots are available which is still a standard compliment for most motherboards. Gigabyte expects to ship over 16 million motherboards in up from It is rock solid in 93 mode, but significantly slower. For the rest of us, the pimpin’ look will be hidden away inside a case anyway.

Gigabyte’s GA-K8NSNXP motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 2

The RAM timing functions kn8snxp most certainly extensive but Socket and processors are finicky about overclocking the CPU clock ratios. It’s just very unstable and quite a few BSOD’s when in dual-channel mode, even with loose timings. In our quick spin of EasyTune4 overclocking the board maxed out at MHz. This is the unfortunate downfall of all motherboard manufacturers adopting parts of the nForce3 chipset and combining it with other chipsets; drivers, drivers and more drivers.

Motherboard audio has come a long way in the last year. I have used both Corsair and Crucial 2 x with no problems.

Anyone who has tried to remove a Ultra from a common rear-lever AGP slot probably cursed the designer and maybe broke the lever trying to find it under 2 slots of video card in a sea of capacitors.