It has been the perfect machine for my eBay business. Tech support says it would cost too much to repair. The 2 points that keep me from giving this all-in-one a perfect score of 5: But Staples on line has decent prices for it. Having the flat scanner has been a real time saver. Not only can you scan pictures or documents easily into your computer, but I use my scanner when I’m selling books, CDs, videos and the like on eBay.

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Unlike some earlier model Lexmarks, the printer drivers for the X are solid and work well.

One of the best all-in-one printers on the market The refill had been in use for ov er a month. The all-in-one comes equiped with a photo editor, which is easy to use, but the lexnark quality of the prints is far from great – possibly even stinks. The unit is only two years old.

Lexmark X Driver for Windows XP Driver – TechSpot

I have been happy with it’s performance. Have never been disappointed with my Ebay purchases.

Smoke and fire – well, smoke anyway. If I was writing this review 10 years ago I would be rating it “excellent”but newer feature-rich models should get that, I think. You should also check to make sure that functions like scanning are supported in a network configuration. Since I bought the item, I have had absolutely no problems with it.


I received my about three years ago. Overall, its a durable and sfanner lasting superior all in one machine. Excellent printer and easy to use. I do not know if my experience is unique or if others have had their unit burn it’s contacts to the cartridge. I will recommend it to anybody that has windows XP and want to do more with the scanner.

No more taking pictures of small items. Newer models have more features that’s true, but this printer produces good quality prints at a pretty decent speed.

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I now have to upgra de only because there is not drivers available for the all in one on line, when using Windows Vista. Very versatile with quality results! Skip to main content.

Bought it because my old one had worn scannrr after 10 years of faithful service. My husband bought my X for Christmas gift 2 or 3 years ago. The only thing I can see wrong with it is the cost of the ink. This saves time and precious ink.


Delighted with my Lexmark ; it was a steal! When my x stopped fully loading the paper upon printing after 8yrs of light dutyI found and bought the same model on Ebay so I would be able lexmqrk use my extra ink cartridges.

It’s identical to my old scanneer, so it’s like my trusty x never left. Like the drop down type slot for pr inting envelopes. Lexmark X Newer models have more features that’s true, but this printer produces good quality prints at a pretty decent speed. I have had the Lexmark X for a little over 2 years now. Lexmark has great support like when I upgraded my computer and software getting a driver was easy!!

Why is this review inappropriate? One of the 515 features of the X is the abillity to use the copy function while the PC it is attached to is off. Walgreens Drug Store can refill the cartridges for very low price.