I found that vsync was enabled by default, but here are the appropriate settings should you want to experiment. Using fglrxinfo on a system with Catalyst and a RadeonHD returns:. I assume that’s what is needed. Two driver versions are available for Debian 7 “Wheezy”: Some people find that changes to xorg. I don’t know what’s wrong then. Remember the classic Linus Torvald picture?

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Using fglrxinfo on a system with Catalyst and a RadeonHD returns:.

Linux Mint

Use lower case letter in xorg. If you receive this error, use the following command, which will force the installation of all of the 32 bit dependencies, and then the amdcccle package:.

It is entirely dependent on your configuration.

I was about to do this, I know the whole procedure by heart,but this should specify which Lijux cards it will work with, because according to AMD’s site, my card is now too old came out 2 years ago After you have created or downloaded the. Shekin 6 December On command line, do.


Install latest AMD Catalyst Driver into Linux Mint

If your video card is supported you can proceed with the installation. Shekin 11 September minf Most likely, you probably did not have the ialibs-multiarch: There are two basic types of hybrid designs. It is a binary-only Xorg driver requiring a Linux kernel module for its use.

This assumes any AMD card Now you can restart the computer: The driver supports X-Server 1. By using the officially provided drivers, there are three problems Launchpad Bug: Your favorite Linux distribution is Other polls.

Restart your system to enable the radeon blacklist. Shekin 17 February Launchpad link for this bug: Thanks for the guide.

If you’re using compositing, you should also make sure that vsync is enabled in the compositor’s settings. ATIProprietary last modified Retrieved from ” http: Open a terminal in the directory in which you unpacked the archive.

Open lunux terminal, run the commands to remove the drivers: The following subsections will attempt to address possible and tested variations for their respective configurations.


Does this apply to Linux Mint 18? Restart your system after configuring Xorg for the fglrx driver.

AMD/ATI Proprietary Driver

In the picture above, ‘Choose the product’ Is it option 1 or 2? Tafter all the manipulations I have the same problem. No additional driver has to be installed any more.

In the new issue observed only bug fixes, including resolving issues with installation in Ubuntu I don’t know what’s wrong then.

Install ,int appropriate linux-headers and fglrx-legacy-driver packages: Shekin – ,