This dilemma is an opportunity for com- panies offering solutions to the Y2K prob- lem, according to Higgins. The technology will initially allow for sharing of database information between a handheld PC outfitted with a Palm Conduit scheduled for release in August and a notebook or desktop PC running Oracle Lite. Its pork barreling, pure and simple. LR, Digital Control, x,. Considering that the expected release date of NT 5. One of the best things about PGP is that there are a number of plug-ins for popular email programs such as Eudora, Netscape and Outlook.

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Some newer systems have heat sen- sors that can automatically deal with this, too. However, almost half the firms admitted they accept forms of payment that make them vul- nerable to money laundering. Public key encryption was developed in Continued on page 22 How to make the Net work.

Can you afford not to outsource your Internet E-mail? It’s a logitecg version of the Saab and includes a huge number of entertainment and computer functions based on Microsoft’s Windows CE 2. You’ll save money with Internet phone and Fax-on-Demand.

logitevh The process is heavily driven by that technology. Of the SO percent using the Internet, Reed claims 56 percent had it connected to their networks, of which only 18 percent had a fire- wall in place. However, of those that have password con- trols, many acknowledged that it is often inef- fectual as it is badly administered— one accounting firm admitted it uses passwords, but that everyone knows everybody else’s password.

According to Maurice Rompre, president of Iridium Canada Communications, the companv hopes to have 1 Xsubscribers signed up as either Iridium mobile satellite phone or pager users by the year 2 X 4. Ho also has a very good feel for mar- ket trends and the demands of changing computer technology for ever-improving graphics and 2D and 3D capabilities. This combination of technologies creates an individual authentication system that is highly portable, difficult to defeat e110 applicable to many situations.


Whatever your need, CSC can build, and customize it just for olgitech. While the security of information travel- ing the Net is a global concern, it has primar- ily been the business and financial communi- ties that have pushed schemes to keep data secure.

The rest of the world is jumping in, so read on and find out about encryption basics, qulckcam devel- opments in the politics of encryption and, a look at some of quickccam programs available today.

On June 22 both Network Associates and VeriSign Inc announced an agreement to make their public key systems interoperable. Hatim Zaghloul and University of Calgary associate professor Dr.

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Network Associates merged with Helix and acquired auickcam product. The Blowfish encryption engine is not patented and thus is available for use in any product including this one. This is good news and will accelerate the move toward transpar- ent and convenient email security. Most con- sumers won’t bother to upgrade and the mar- ket takeover will occur mostly because new machines will come with Windows 98 already installed. One bit encryption system known as Data Encryption Standard DES has been put forth as secure by the American government and proven to be less than that.


I While these services differ on a number of important technical dimensions, the user experience is similar. September Back to school: BFAwhich is the operating sys- tem’s cue to start Blowfish Advanced when such a file is executed.

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There does appear to be a demand for these services. The process is quick. The Logitch has the same core as a Pentium II chip, which means it also has the same float- ing point number calculating ability as a Pentium II. You copy the message back to your email program and send it. You now have the power to speed through your most demanding business applications and all the new games like never before.

Reduce your paperwork and save time by centralizing all your communications under one, easy-to-use interface. The significance of these distinctions may be lost on purchasers of these systems because they may not know — or they may not care— about them. It announced in May that it will be competing in the local market in Edmonton as well.

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In the past three months alone. You never really get a chance to explain the merits of the technology. He suggested companies conduct a “threat-risk analysis— what their assets are, where they stored, where they are vulnera- ble— and build their security network around the findings.