I have an old A21P lurking somewhere, but it had a reader, if I recall, not a burner. Thus, it doesn’t matter what hardware you install, but the choice of the utility program does. Not sure why they would be missing Thanks for the reply. You are chasing the wrong thing.

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As far as your best option, that would depend upon the types of disks you want to burn.

You can download a trial version here: Whenever I end up burning a coaster, the first thing I try is another brand of blank disk. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Evem though Lenovo typically uses good parts, Matshitas get a certain amount of criticism.

Matshita Dvd Ram Uj Ata Device Driver Download

Try to first borrow a burner from someone with mtshita similar machine to be really sure that it’s the drive and not something else. But at the end of the day, when I check the contents of the newly burned CD, it shows up empty! Has anybody on this forum encountered these problems?


Are they all Matshitas? Is this cpu defective?

Which I bet is just a bad burner. Since sfc did not work, your system might have a backup copy of the program that System Restore could recover for you. No registered users and 13 guests.

It has T cpu and Anyway, I have no way of testing the drive no Thinkpadders I know near meso I may have to just order it. It should be on the big label on top, or a smaller one underneath the drive. Thanks for your help, by the way. Some say they may be more reliable than the Matshitas, although I haven’t collected enough sampling points to verify or refute that claim.

Defective Matshita UJ CD/DVD Burner? – Thinkpads Forum

EXE on your computer. But that was a long time ago, when I used to burn a lot of disks. Windows should notice that a different drive has been installed but nothing else should be needed.

How does this look to you, Ray?

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-842 resources, firmwares and drivers

In any case, the presence of these DLLs shows that your problem, despite whatever you think, and whatever you may read on the internet, is not related to IMAPI. I didn’t see where it said that such a service was not implemented, but in response to your comment found another source which stated that IMAPI as a service was dropped after XP.


I have an old A21P lurking somewhere, but it had a reader, if I recall, not a burner.

However, probably for the same cost, if not cheaper, you could get a DVD writer i. Extracting it from a restore sounds interesting if I could restire a single file. The above parts number apparently came originally use with the T4X series. While I have had very few drives go bad 2?

Any chance someone can make me a copy? Not sure why they would be missing Who is online Users browsing this forum: Fix KB Article Number s: Everything appears to be going smoothly, the “burn” is verified, the session closes. There are even notes on how to repair it X P79 iM Toy: