The only Release Notes I have are in regard to installing Designer so the references to the other drivers is not there. Subscript out of Range. How to remote debug using attach to process. Can anyone give me a listing of the various dll files and drivers and how they are using them? Error seen when activate our Cobol Runtime licenses via their Proxy Server.

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DLL project located in same project folder. When I launch a Dialog System application from a desktop shortcut the console window briefly appears and disappears before my application starts. When building a Cobol program using Net Express 5. When running an ASP.

Setup ODBC driver tracing

That makes things microofcus with the Data Client. Unable to view multiple items within an array when debugging.

Stripping ANSI codes from output dump.

Unable to locate dlls on a network drive. Increasing performance when sequentially reading an indexed file. Configure application to find its data files in a different folder than the one pdbc which it is running. FileHandler warning prevents publish.


In reply to MikeS: Print a text file using. Stack Overflow Error in native Cobol. One answer is to use always use the Data Client until you run into a problem with an ADO application not working on it. Just trying to understand the Relativity product.

Writing Programs using E-SQL API/ODBC Driver Library in Micro Focus COBOL

Problem getting RTS error “Program name not found” when calling managed subprogram in production. Animator in micfofocus ignores customer xterm color settings. Accept Cursor causes an error E Reserved word missing or incorrectly used.

Removing messages from an IMS queue. NET program sending an e-mail with attachment using Microsoft Outlook.

How to resolve the location of Dialog System’s. Problem in Visual Studio with Help Viewer displaying content in raw html format. Even the Designer will be able to work with it. A previous ODBC connector that we use required the use of a certain dll when doing connections from Visual Clbol solutions and that was the main thing my co-worker was asking about. How to pass data from one form to another when the form is closed.


Deploying a web service incurs ‘Invalid thread access’. Click Start Tracing Now to enable tracing.

Increasing performance of index file I-O using sharing modes. Cannot communicate with Licensing Daemon. Problem with starting application from Windows batch file on network share.

How to extract the License Server installation from Visual Cobol 2. Also I originally had some connections using the Data Client and after getting bad data with decimal values I learned about the ADO driver so I am just trying to get an overall view to avoid mistakes and having to redo things down the road. Eclipse crashes when editing remote cobol source files outside of the IDE. Speed up indexed file performance when opening files for input.