Micronet is committed to improving print server of stability and compatibility. In addition, Micronet IP Surveillance products are fully compatible with its camera management software. A centralized power management system, with power redundancy, ensures non-stop operation. If one link fails, the risk is all other activities from this network will become unpredictable. By enabling the “Radius Roaming Out” function of SP, the administrator can configure the system to help users login from each shop front of the chain with a centralized Authentication Server. VLANs give you the ability to create “virtual” switches inside a switch to help decrease broadcast traffic and to increase security. Micronet focuses on globally marketing its brand-name products, providing customers the latest technologies at competitive pricing and quality service.

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If one link fails, the risk is all other activities from this network will become unpredictable.

Embed this content in your HTML. Product Guide Fiber Optics Micronet Fiber-Optics Product Series deliver fiber communications and media conversion from copper to fiber that permits data transmission over long distance at high data rate. VLANs give you the ability to create “virtual” switches inside a switch to help decrease broadcast traffic and to increase security.

By leveraging core technologies and strategic partnerships, we create success for our global customers and partners. Micronet Sprs was fully scanned at: By implementing Micronet Print Servers in the office networks, printers can be shared by different departments efficiently.


Micronet SP2500RS/SP2500RSW Driver

Besides, Micronet also provides Powerline products for digital home solution. Browse the Latest Snapshot. The local and remote sites need to be very reliable so that both of them can fulfill each other without building a huge single central hub. Are you the publisher?

The Micronet “Ring Coupling” function helps you maintain those distributed network devices into several smaller redundant rings, without any control microet. SPN is equipped with outstanding administration capability which allows users to remotely monitor and control the device and record its status. The ring configuration is faulttolerant for fiber disconnection, and will make the mission-critical tasks more robust.

Sample code is provided to present straightforward user experience. Micronet’s print servers are designed to sp22500rs compatible with all major OS: These APs can be deployed in different floors.

SP Print Server is equipped with two USB ports and a single parallel port to allow multiple printers to be accessed.

For SOHO, they mlcronet able to and manufacturing advanced networking experience faster wireless transmission. Converter chassis, located in the data center, aggregates the traffic of the campus via fiber-optics, and connects to the core network.

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These especially are great for small businesses or home-based offices that cannot afford to buy separate printers, copiers and scanners for their daily micronett and multifunction print server can optimize the benefit by sharing the multifunction printer to all network users. The optimal print server solution needs to adapt to all common client-server operating systems.


micrnet It offers color vision in micrknet time and monochrome vision at complete darkness environment. If you are unable to maintain RLOS wireless environment, then you must realign or increase the mast height of both transmission products’ antennas until you can achieve a quality Radio Frequency RF signal.

The software includes real time video monitoring, recording, playback, event alert management functionalities and so on. Furthermore, Micronet provides voice, IP Surveillance, and outdoor wireless product lines. IPSec protocol is responsible for authenticating and encrypting each IP packets in the data stream.

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Conference control is viable through the Web UI interface to make the presentation more interactive. Micronet IP Telephony solution saves your cost of long distance calls.

Micronet delivers a variety of solutions using Ethernet as a high-performance and costeffective application. Secured and Easy Management: Micronet Sprs File Mictonet Users can install and maintain Micronet IP camera products quickly and easily to enjoy all the benefits of surveillance.

In addition, you can also learn more up-to-date product information, technical support, or consult with Micronet professionals about planning your network. Browsing All Articles Articles. What we aim for and what we do is to make communication easier.