I have no idea where my cds are for this trackball anymore, and i cant find anywhere where to download the program which lets you change the mouse its settings, so i hopefully could turn off the mousewheel. I currently work in the video games industry making 3D assets with a TBE both at home and work. I find it totally bizarre that someone would design a trackball where the ball is placed under the thumb. If this can be tracked down, do they have any leftovers? People just love to buy things they have no inkling on how to use. They would not post it but just order and perhaps a small something for themselves?

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My logitech cordless optical trackman is not nearly as good — it broke just out of the 3 month warranty and the wireless has always been poor. An awesome mouse with a great and comfortable design. It brings a lot more power to the trackman wireless from the driver end.

I only microsotf that email could show tear stains. But I struggle on, because like many others .10 am plagued with muscle problems all throughout my wrist and hands.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

Anybody have an idea what it could be… or how we could find out? Now, the bearing have also worn flat.

However, all mechanical things do break eventually and I sincerely hope for all of our sakes that a TBE 2. Whenever I do maintenance on their computers, my thumb always goes for the scroll wheel kind of like stepping in the dark on the non-existent top stair of a staircase. This website is using cookies. Thanks Phil, half of that stuff on my website was modeled using a TBE. A couple of days ago, Microosft started looking for a replacement. Repetitive strain injury is costing businesses. The number of posts on this thread have to be an indication of the fact that there are quite a lot of people who would buy and use TBE as only a small percentage of the TBE users seek info out on the web, find this thread, and decide to post here.


So join the rest of us and email Microsoft – if we nag them enough, may be they will make some new ones! How does one e-mail MS to tell them that they should explkrer this mouse back? Compare with similar items. Maybe if Microsoft made that one simple basic switch it would sell better? I have looked at a lot of track balls.

Better yet, they provide a written 60 day warranty on the services. I was lucky enough to have found two more, recently, and bought them, to be ready when my original one expires.

My Trackball Explorer just broke.

Mouses are find back in the day and ok today when not using a computer much or just browsing. It is close, but a poor substitute exolorer the real thing.

The closest to it is the logitech cordless optical but it pretty much sucks. Although there are people who will repair them, I found it easier to fix them myself.


Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

They think that looking at numbers will give them accurate customer feedback. We really could use a version 2 of this excellent device.

Have tried in to find chinese manufacturer, but unfortunate there is no register or any other method to refind the original manufacturer between the fast amount of producers in China.

If it is a different dialect at least this would be identified.

My right button just stop working but I have been looking for a new one for the past year. If anyone knows where I exploreer still get one or more TBE, please let me know.

This is the kind of thing that shows why Google is eating their lunch. I use turtle wax. I have been thinking the same. I also have had 3 hand surgeries, including a big gash for Carpal Trqckball 10 years ago looking forward to my second one of the right hand soon.

It is ergonomic and fits my hand well.