However, contrast ratio, brilliance of colours, and luminance are below-average. But, if you need one, you can simply configure the driver for it. So, you’ll surely recognize it even from a distance. The difference to standard DVD playback gets obvious at once and is really impressive, regardless of whether you connect an external 32 inch screen or use the 17 inch notebook panel. However, this model does not include the knapsack and the other accessories mentioned above. Checking games the display showed its real strong side.

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These are a not ideally designed and clattering keyboard and the high noise and temperature emissions.

MSI Megabook GX – External Reviews

As expected the quality diminishes faster horizontally, but, it stays just alright. Both of the pad’s buttons are rather stiff and especially the left one clearly too loud.

Please share our article, every link counts! The contrast seem also somewhat weak. The choice of the video card is ms surprising.

Review MSI Megabook GX Extreme Gaming Notebook – Reviews

So, it is likely that there are more and more movies in this format available in the future. Small cursor keys are especially for jump and run games not really user-friendly. If you prefer a more business-like design, you can order the MSI GX, model ” performance “, whose performance is nearly the same, but, has a case better suited for daily work without extensive striking design.


Furthermore, if the background is uniform, you’ll detect a darkening to the gx-7700x corners with the naked eye. Each detail hints on the gaming aspect. So, you’ll surely recognize it even from a distance. Furthermore, the design is very sensible to dirt of all kinds. A 9-cell ksi with nearly Wh capacity provides energy, if the notebook is unplugged. Besides the matt surface ggx-700x viewing angles get obvious at once. Due to a HMDI interface at the right side So, you can play games or watch films in unbelievable size.

The GX Performance can also be equipped with Bluray drive. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. If you carry the notebook in the knapsack, you should, therefore, especially take care that nothing heavy, e.

Nonetheless, the desktop size is enormous and its interpolation properties are brilliant. The last aspect is especially important for home use, because the MSI Megabook GX Extreme is not only a gaming notebook, but also an exemplary multimedia computer.

Review MSI Megabook GX700 Extreme Gaming Notebook

Windows Vista Performance Index. The sound via the integrated speakers or via the headset is able to compensate the turbine like noise of the fan to some extent. Once open, you’ll detect the same flames on the palm rest area and dark red movement keys, W, A, S, D.


If you prefer a more decent design, the MSI GX provides you with nearly the same performance, but, has a more decent case.

Price comparison Reviews on Laptops at Ciao. So, details like letters are bigger.

MSI Megabook GX700

Please, switch off ad blockers. Furthermore, after-images are rare when running fast shooters and there is hardly any video noise when watching movies. Until you got used to this, some typing mistakes are likely.

However, it can gc-700x easily cleaned by the provided micro fibre cloth. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. A big logo on its lid, bright-red flames everywhere you look, and a deep black case are the trademarks of the Extreme model we reviewed.

Checking games the display showed its real strong side.