Frankly, we certainly think it looks better and cooling performance remains roughly equal. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Subscribe to our newsletter. Applications – Deep Fritz Page We will utilize iTunes 7. Video Encoding – Xvid and Pinnacle Studio. An Overview of the Core Voltages Page

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The board was a snap to install in our Antec P and Cooler Master cases with most connections easily reached.

MSi P35 Neo2-FR & Windows 8?

Not a single blue screen. A stable operation cannot be guaranteed if these settings are manually reset to their default voltages. The pin ATX power connector is located on the edge of the board along with the number three system fan header. We usually see iTunes favoring a system with excellent CPU throughput and these tests indicate the Neo2-FR board is up to speed in this area.

MSI P35 Neo2-FR – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – P35

After reading this article, some other about motherboards and considering other not so cheap options, I tried my luck and changed my old PIV 2.

CINEBENCH 10 features two different benchmarks with one test utilizing a single core and the second test highlighting the power of multiple cores in ms the benchmark image.


Synthetic – PC-Mark Auio This allows you to leave SpeedStep activated even when the system is overclocked, allowing you to conserve energy.

We will utilize iTunes 7. Video Encoding – Premiere and Mainconcept. Synthetic – Sandra Memory. Intel makes up lost ground but still can’t compete with Toshiba.

Looks very good and you audo stick a quad processor in it when they come down to a reasonable price and OC that to increase its longevity. From 2,66 to 2.

Test Setup Page Board Layout and Features MSI devised a new heatpipe system for this series of boards to replace the rollercoaster version on the Platinum p335. MSI continues to use this coordination scheme, for reasons unknown.

Ultimate Budget Overclocking Box – A 3.5 GHz Core 2 System with a €49 CPU

One thing that caught me out I wonder if it’s possible to use SpeedFan in order to drop the FSB on this motherboard when idling, so that it’s possible to take advantage of the low power consumption of a non-OC CPU, with the performance of an OC version when demanded at the same time Thanks for the article guys.

MSI devised a new heatpipe system for this series of boards to replace the rollercoaster version on the Platinum boards. The user can decipher the error sequences displayed by the led panel by looking in the manual, though with four lights they are limited to sixteen codes. Benchmarks and Settings Page Software Configuration Page Would this make a good HTPC?


The DIMM module slots’ color coordination is not correct for dual channel setup based upon the premise of installing DIMMs in the same colored slots for dual-channel operation.

Support For P35 Neo2-FR / FIR | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Any suggestions would be welcome. AMD promises to fix quad-core, touts hybrid graphics. Overclocking Stage I — 2.

An Overview of the Core Voltages. Installing memory modules with a full size video card placed in the first PCI Express x16 slot was not a problem.

Any more and it’s really unstable. This is the kind of articles that make THG great! Video Encoding – Premiere and Mainconcept Page I trusted this site’s view, as I have with other hardware.